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Another Change

( Part 39 )


The transport of our furniture arrived at our new home in December. Perfect timing, you could say, as in January my husband was already flying to Ireland to pick us up, so he had a bit of time to get the most important things unpacked and ready for our arrival, such as beds and bedding. While he was unpacking the boxes we went to visit Poland for two weeks.


So let’s get going 🛫


Pleasant Surprise


It was the school year when our younger daughter had her Holy Communion, so I had to buy Communion outfits. Our wonderful Jesuit father said that he would do the Communion for our daughter before we flew out, as we were no sure how it would look over there, especially since the Communion was supposed to be in May, and we had our flight to Puerto Rico scheduled in January. The language would also be a problem, because after all, everything there is in Spanish, but it would be good if they understood what was being said to them, and that’s why we decided that she would have this private Communion in Ireland 🥰. The Jesuit Father didn’t grind too much in his proposals and suggested that if we wanted to, he could do it for our youngest son too, so that I didn’t have to stress anymore later on. And so we did. We had the Communion done for the two youngest children at one time, and we did it two days before we left for Puerto Rico.


We bought my husband a ticket to Ireland for January 9 to come and pick us up. The communion took place on 13/01/2019. The family also flew in early, so we could spend more time together. Almost all the guests turned up. Unfortunately, at the last minute, my friend Ania could not come. Even my sister from Vienna, who is terribly afraid of flying, was brave enough to fly with my other sister Renia, who also lives there. I know it was a trip of life and death for her, and I’m very proud of her 😌.


Imagine, the day after Communion, we found a farewell card in our post box for our eldest son from a local priest, Father John from our church where our son served during the Mass and along with it a certificate of his Confirmation we had asked for. In addition, Father John wrote on this certificate that our little ones had Holy Communion. Isn’t that wonderful. It never even crossed our minds and here you go, such a nice surprise 😇.


Night sightseeing with our guests 




It turned out that we had the whole house of people. Home – field conditions, but fortunately, no one particularly bothered 😀. Somehow we managed. The eldest son slept with the neighbours behind the wall, the younger son slept with his friends from the backyard, I borrowed extra mattresses, and we were fine. Probably at first glance it looked like a hostel, or even worse, but the most important was the presence and atmosphere, not the conditions. We made it up to them with a party 😉. The next day some guests left, some went sightseeing. Me and my sisters of course went to Glendalough, because how could it be otherwise 😉. The weather wasn’t particularly good, as it is in Ireland, but it wasn’t a tragedy. After all, it was the middle of winter in Ireland, not the Cote d’Azur 😜. A once in a lifetime opportunity to see something else, nothing to complain about, isn’t it?

We were glad that we could spend our last days in Ireland with our family, because after all, Puerto Rico is “a bit” further and “a bit” more expensive to go, and we realised that we wouldn’t see each other (if at all) too soon.


Last Days in Ireland


Once all the guests had left, there was little time left to get our flat in order. We had a flight the next day. 6 bags and 6 hand luggage were already waiting for the journey. We had our flight before noon, so the morning was a bit busy. Due to the fact that the dog couldn’t fly on the same flight as we did, we had to take him and his cage to our friends who agreed to take him to the airport the next day, and than go to the airport with all our belongings. Standard, by the way 😜. Kodi flew a day later and had to have an overnight stay in Miami. Hector’s cousin picked him up, took him home and brought him back to the airport following day. You can tell for yourselves how lucky we are. Strangers whom we had never seen before picked up our dog, took care of him over night, even sent photos so that we wouldn’t worry, and went to the airport the next day to put him on a flight. Let’s face it, who would care to.


Our car 🚙 left alone.


You are probably wondering what about the flat. It was still not sold. As it is in Ireland, everyone takes their time. Especially the lady notary on the buying side. She had plenty of time, so we left Ireland without a settled sale and with an unsold car. We could not sell the car earlier as we needed it until the very end. It stayed in the garage. As I said, we were surrounded by wonderful people who helped us a lot at that time, in those moments when we needed it at most. In a word, we could count on them. The car was taken care of by our neighbour from the opposite side – Wojtek. And since it is not the same in Ireland as it is in Poland, it was not a big problem for him to sell it instead of us. I put up an ad and Wojtek took care of the rest. The buyer was found quickly, and the car was sold for the price I placed it for, even though no one gave it such a chance 😜💪. It wasn’t as quick with the flat, but most importantly the buyer was there and didn’t change her mind after we left 😉.


I consider this time from my last year in Ireland until now, and hopefully forever, as a time of God’s care for our family. You’ll find out why, in future posts. I don’t believe in coincidences, something always happens because of something and for a reason.



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