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Belgium – Camping in Jabbeke

( Part 29 )


We started our sightseeing tour from the market, as it was located next to our hotel. We wanted to see something before we go any further. First, the medieval Belfry in the centre of Bruges, which we admired from the outside.


Belfry in Bruges

Less than 150 m further, we came across the Historical Museum of Bruges. Inside you can feel for a moment as if time has gone back, and even feel like someone very important, sitting on a throne, in the company of various figures from that period.


Historical Museum of Bruges

After visiting the museum, we moved back to ‘our times’ and moved on. In a few minutes we reached the beer wall, at the end of which you could try different beers at the bar. The wall gains in attractiveness for its appearance, which resembles a shop window with all kinds of beers. In addition, the charm of this wall add different quotes hanging over them.


Beer Wall in Bruges

After beers, we got a taste for something sweet and as if by magic wand after another 150 m we found ourselves at the “Julie’s” shop with real Belgian chocolate 🍫. The joy of children at the sight of such an attraction was endless. Everyone chose some sweet gift and we walked on.


A shop with Belgian chocolate

Another stop after another 100 m, which was the Nepomucenus Bridge, and with it a temporary rest to enjoy shopping. We could admire Bruges from it, as well as watch the boats 🚤 with tourists passing by, because cruises on the Bruges river were sailing from there.


Time for a moment of sweetness

Unfortunately, time was passing and not gaining, and we headed towards the car. On the way, we came across the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary ⛪, which we also visited.


Church of Our Lady in Bruges

Check-in at the campsite 🏕️ was from 3:00 pm, so we slowly moved forward. Great that we didn’t need to drive half a day again, but just under half an hour. After reaching the place Klein Strand and finding our cottage, we immediately went to see the area and get acquainted with the surroundings.


Our house at a campsite in Jabbeke

Dutch cottage. Inside, it made quite a pleasant impression. There was a place for everyone to sleep, and it was even comfortable.


Lake on the other side of the campsite

The next day we went to the other side of the campsite, to the lake, where we found a big slide. The weather did not spoil us, because it was quite cloudy, but fortunately it did not rain. We were lucky and saw a water skiing show happening that day. There was also a small water playground for children, which our children obviously couldn’t resist. And I believe that it was the best attraction for them.


Water playground in the campsite

Two days passed quickly, and it was time to leave. That day we had to get up very early in the morning, because we had more than an hour to reach the Eurotunnel. We were supposed to leave at 10:20 am, but by 9:50 am we had to show up for check-in. As you can see, we could not sleep too long, had to still pack up in the car and drive to eat something quickly. Good that the drive is only 35 minutes, so in England we could have stayed longer for a decent breakfast. After the break, we had a long journey through Great Britain, more than 6 hours during the day. It wasn’t easy. A lot of cars, and the organization of the local drivers left much to be desired, which created traffic jams. It was extending our time to get to the ferry ⛴️, which we had at 8:00 pm, and check-in at 7:30 pm, not to mention the stops that were necessary. By default, we arrived almost at the last moment, because it could not have been otherwise. It would ruin our standard of travel. Being on the ferry, the stress before the boat trip, did not let you forget about itself. However, I must admit, it was not so bad. In any case, we survived and at the planned 11:15 pm we reached the shores of Ireland. Now it’s just a moment, and we are finally home.


Greeting card from neighbours

Unfortunately, some of us couldn’t make it and fell asleep on the way, which made it a little difficult for us to organize the exit. At midnight, we reached our home. We were greeted by a note on the door from our “new” neighbours, which made the return home even nicer. Pretty quickly we managed to put everyone to bed, and finally we were able to sleep peacefully with the thought that tomorrow we do not have to get up in the morning or hurry anywhere. It was a beautiful feeling 😁.

You can see more photos in the Gallery in the album Belgium / Bruges and Jabbeke



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