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Camping in Interlaken

( Part 20 )



The next day we all got up full of energy and went to explore the area. We started with a kind of surprising visit to a small shop in the area of the tent field, where you could buy basic things. The lady at the checkout informed us that we had taken the wrong paper bag for bread because each bread had its own bag size 😳. For me, this bread barely fits in this bag, but apparently, that is the way supposed to be. I don’t know if that’s still the case, or if anything’s changed. The second, very positive surprise at the campsite was related to the use of commonly shared areas, i.e. toilets, washbasins, and showers. In general, the whole campsite was very clean. It was cleaned every day, and we felt almost like in a hotel 😉. Shocking for us was to see that people clean after themselves, even they wipe sinks with a dry paper towel or an ordinary towel 😳, and not as in many other camping sites where cleanliness does not go along with them. Besides, there was always hot water and everything you needed. The service was nice and very understanding, which I will write about later.


Camping Manor Farm Interlaken

The first day we spent on the camping site, we visited the lake and the restaurant, where we had lunch, and the children could play in the playground. We also met new friends Polish girl and Dutchman with their son. At least our oldest had a football buddy as in fact, they both liked to play football. We pumped up our newly acquired “boats” and set out to conquer Lake Thun. On the second day, we went on a ferry trip to the city centre Interlaken. What can I write? Very clean of course, and the views … 😍.  It’s not a big town, so we spent the rest of the day in the campsite. The third day we spent with our new friends by the water.


Lake Thun Interlaken

The weather didn’t spoil us, to be honest. It was quite cloudy throughout our stay, and on the fourth night, it even started to rain. And here our attractions began. The rain was so heavy that after some time, our tent started giving up, and we began to see drops of water from the inside of the tent. That was quite an experience. Good news that there was a repair kit for the tent in the box and I could glue the places where the water began to get inside drop by drop💧.  This night was almost like a horror film for us. What if the whole tent gets soaked and floods everything inside? Where are we going to sleep the next night? With these and many other frightening thoughts after a while, we all fell asleep. In the morning it turned out that our tent survived. It fought bravely and did not give up. Unfortunately, we had to put up a white flag 🏳 and decided that we would shorten our stay in such a wonderful place because the weather for the next few days was going to be even more stormy. Let’s be honest, our tent was purchased in a rush in the Lidl shop for a few pennies, because the decision to travel was made overnight, so what to expect from such a tent. Other people had solid tents or rented from the camping site and most stayed in their camper vans. It was obvious that we’re in a losing position. Our dreamed first holiday together with our children under the tent turned out to be a bit of a dud. What are we left with? We went to the reception and asked if there is a possibility to cancel our further stay, due to the weather. And here, as I mentioned earlier, the service was very nice and understanding, without any problem, they cancelled our further stay, and we only paid for the three days that we stayed. This was also a pleasant surprise for us because usually, you lose money when you try to cancel in such a short time. Therefore, with a clear conscience, I can recommend this place to you. Here is a link to the Manor Farm 1 website.


Interlaken Town

We waited until noon for the tent to dry well, but at the same time looking to avoid rain and once again we packed all up to our Zafira. I called my sister, who lives in Vienna, to see if they were at home, because the weather has driven us out, and we’re going to drop in. My sister Marta after hearing the news, as happy as ever to see us, was looking forward to our arrival. And in this unexpected way our plans changed drastically, and not knowing how the further journey would turn out, we set off towards Vienna.

More photos can be found in the Gallery, in the album Switzerland.



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