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I wanted to give you a little summary of how I see Canada “Through My Eyes” 👁👁. I had the opportunity to live in Canada, Mississauga to be exact, for an equal “pregnancy” of 9 months. 

First general impression, very good.

– Different than in European countries, Mississauga is full of houses, lots of greenery, parks, quiet and peaceful. You do not feel the rush.

– Toronto, it’s the opposite. Metropolis. Lots of skyscrapers reaching up to the clouds 😉 plus at the time we were there, Toronto looked a bit like a construction site. Lots of new buildings were being erected.

In general, the area we got to see evoked a sense of serenity in our hearts. Our lives seemed to have slowed down a bit. Maybe we had that feeling based on arrival shock and maybe after 5 or 10 years of living there, it wouldn’t be so calm anymore, but for that moment, that’s how we felt.
In a nutshell:
  • General order 🧹. On the streets, in front of the houses, in the forests, in the parks, generally clean everywhere. 


  • Kindness 😊. As I mentioned in the post O Canada!the kids were very comfortable with the school they went to. The teachers were very friendly and so were the kids. Our oldest daughter even had schoolmates from quite a few older classes who liked her a lot 😊. Also, the people and atmosphere in Canada is quite different to Europe. Everyone is nice and helpful to each other. Not like in Europe, where, for example:


  • In Ireland, as far as the Irish are concerned, kindness is apparent. Everyone seems to want to help you, they pretend very well to make you feel that they willing to help you, but in reality it is just an empty talk. Other nationalities have it a bit different. I have always admired the relationships of Indian people. They are always nice, smiling and stick together. They have their own communities, and you can envy them that. They know how to help and be together.


  • In Germany, everyone looks after their own garden. Distanced, serious and unapproachable. I mentioned something in the entry “Germany”.


  • As for Poland, there is much to write about. Maybe because I have spent more time in my own country and after so many years of living abroad, I have a different eye, notice and see more, and in a different way. In short, “Poles are enemies of Poles”. Unfortunately, it’s so sad that don’t even want to talk about it. Maybe in another post. 


  • Health care 🏥🩺 in Canada, for me, one of the best we have experienced. By going to the doctor, you are admitted on time. After 3 months of your arrival to Canada, you get a Health Card, which entitles you to any treatment within the country at no charge. As an example of the best care, I can give you my own example when I had a lump removal from my breast, which unfortunately the Irish doctors were unable to remove. After the procedure, I returned home with the same lump and a cut breast, not to mention that it was the second attempt at removal. I made an appointment in Canada, which didn’t take long (about a week), and at the appointment the doctor told me what could be done, what the results would be and asked if I would take any of them. Of course, I took them all, i.e., already in the office the doctor tried to take it out with a syringe, but unfortunately he didn’t succeed. I was left with a procedure, the same as in Ireland. Again a cut. Well, that’s what left for me. They want to do it, let them do it. After the appointment, the doctor came to the reception desk and immediately signed me up for the surgery. Would you believe, I was due in 2 weeks? We were shocked, because in Ireland I would have waited six months or more. To finish off, the procedure was 100% successful, they cleared everything up, and I even found out what needed to be done so if anything it wouldn’t collect again.


  • Squirrels 🐿. I don’t know about other cities, but there were a lot of squirrels in Mississauga. At first, we thought they were rats because they were so big and the colour didn’t resemble our red ones at all. Canadian squirrels are dark grey, almost black, so you can get confused, right 😉.



  • English 🇬🇧. I have to say that in Canada, people speak English very clearly. You can easily understand, not like in Ireland where it’s actually Irish-English and yet everyone speaks very sloppily. Not to mention the accents, especially Dublin ones.


  • The Go Trains 🚄 trains that run in Ontario are double-decker and make communication very easy. You can see a photo in the “Overseas” post.


Due to the fact that we haven’t been in Canada for too long, and most of the time was car-free 🤷‍♀️, there isn’t much more to describe. In a nutshell, this is how I see Canada “Through My Eyes”.




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