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“Canadian pregnancy”

( Part 15 )



Summer behind us, school ahead of us. Time to get back to our routine. Older children started school, younger ones stayed at home. After the change of work, my husband was more available at home, and we could relieve Patrycja’s mom from our kids. When I was at school, my husband stayed home with them, and then we switched. 

Imagine that the younger daughter, while I was at school until about 12.30, watching cartoons in English, after 6 months understood everything that they said and even answered their questions 😳. A three-year-old child learned English faster in front of the TV than I did in school 😉.

I, as you know, rode a bicycle to school 🚴‍♀️. I spent all this time talking to my family, my friends and my best friend Ania, who at that time was just entering a new and better phase of her life 😇. Our relationship with Justynka also deepened thanks to these bike rides. We talked a lot, well we had a lot in common 😁.



Not even knowing when summer turned into autumn. Beautiful, warm, very colourful. The colours of autumn in Canada are as beautiful as in Poland, if not more beautiful. They made a huge impression on us. Some pictures from Niagara show it amazingly. But as you already know from the previous post same as the spring, autumn as well, how quickly it came just as quickly went away. And we welcomed winter ❄️. This is our second winter in Canada 😁. The sight of the heavy snow falling was wonderful. I was reminded of the times when we had such beautiful winters in Poland. For us, it was wonderful, for Patrycja and Rafał not necessarily 😉. If it’s snowing, it’s snowing. There are situations where people cannot go to work because they do not have that possibility after such an abundant night. The worst part is that you have to get up early, clear the snow not only from the car but also from the driveway. And just imagine that for example, a snowmobile will pass through your street at night. On the one hand, full of happiness, because the roads are passable, on the other hand, good luck in the removal of these massive snow piles, which thanks to these snowmobiles were created in your driveway.😱. But there is nothing to complain about, such a small warm-up at the very beginning of the day is a pleasure, is not it 😆? I must also tell you I thought that since this winter is so “terrible” in Canada, then the frost will be some kind of terrible too. I don’t know if it’s because we just arrived, and we were just getting acclimatized or how immunized we were, but for me, this winter was not that bad. Honestly, I admit that in Poland it was much colder than in Canada with such snow, but this is only a plus 😊.

From my wonderful bike, I had to change to a bus or even two. Taking the bus had its advantages too. At least I could gather my thoughts, think about things in peace and quiet, and on top, the driver of the first bus was very nice. After a few days, I didn’t even have to ask to stop at the bus stop because he already knew where I got off at 😉.

In this way, we reached almost the end of the year, and this also means the end of our adventure in Canada. We bought tickets to Poland for the beginning of December. As it turned out, our entire stay in Canada lasted 9 months. We call it “Canadian pregnancy” 😉. Just as after pregnancy there is birth, so with us “pregnancy” is over and a new beginning has come.



We packed our bags, said goodbye to the whole family, and Patrycja and Rafał drove us to the airport. This time we also had a late evening departure, but the arrival to Poland was during the day, so we could immediately enjoy the family.

We spent Christmas in Poland. No one expected this, so it was a surprise for everyone. New Year 2015 we also welcomed in our native country. For the first time since we moved to Ireland, we had a normal, family Christmas and New Year’s Eve. TOGETHER!!!

Summing up this “trip” to Canada, we can say with a clear heart that not only did we experience new, unknown things, as always, but we also learned a lot, grew up and appreciated a lot, the most important thing we gained was a New Family 🥰.

In the Gallery in the Mississauga album, you can see some additional photos from around our place of residence.



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