• Anguilla

    Around Anguilla

    ( Part 47a )       Dear friends, I wanted to take you on a short trip around Anguilla. As you have read in previous entries, during the COVID-19 holiday we decided to explore Anguilla, we had no other…

  • Anguilla

    Salt Festival – Anguilla

    ( Part 46 a )   In Anguilla, one event that takes place every year is the Salt Festival. It is usually held during the summer holidays, as this is when it is best to harvest it.      In…

  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    ( Part 44a )   Puerto Rico – a small island in the Caribbean Sea that belongs to the United States. The population there, however, speaks Spanish. The people are very friendly and welcoming. You can feel the distance that…

  • USA

    New York

    ( Part 43 a )       New York – the city of dreams for many people. We managed to visit this iconic place for our 15th wedding anniversary. As I mentioned in my previous post, our super nanny,…

  • Germany,  Travel

    Tropical Islands

    ( Part 36 b )   If you’re ever in or passing through Germany 🇩🇪 and more specifically around Berlin, I recommend a stop at Tropical Islands 🏝. It’s a water themed park where you can swim and slide among…

  • Poland

    Museum of Wax Figures – Kolobrzeg

    ( Part 36 a )   Being in Kolobrzeg, we visited the Museum of Wax Figures. I encourage you to visit this museum, because the figures are quite decently made. In my opinion, most of them are even very realistic.…

  • Ireland,  Travel

    Festival of Lights

    ( Part 34 a )   Dublin ZOO, hosted a Festival of Lights – Wild Lights, with an enchanted lantern trail.   Festival of Lights   30 artists designed this festival based on the animals in Dublin ZOO and some…

  • Poland

    Western City

    ( Part 27 a )     Western City Western City in Ściegny near Karpacz is an amusement park in the style of a Cowboy Town. Crossing its gates, we are transported to the Wild West to the times of…

  • Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls

    ( Part 14 c )     Niagara Falls is a city in Ontario, Canada. It is located approximately 130 km (81 miles) by road from Ontario’s capital of Toronto. It is on the western bank of the Niagara River…

  • Canada,  Travel

    Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

    ( Part 14 b )   Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a public aquarium in Toronto, Ontario. The aquarium opened to the public in October 2013 and it is located in downtown Toronto, just south-east of the CN Tower. The…

  • Canada

    The Spencer Adventure

    The Spencer Adventure is a Nature Reserve in Ontario, Canada, contains two beautiful waterfalls (...) but for me, the most breathtaking was this view.

  • Ireland

    The Irish National Heritage Park

    (  Part 6 a )     The Irish National Heritage Park is an open-air museum near Wexford which tells the story of human settlement in Ireland. It covers over 40 acres of natural woodland, 16 reconstructions of houses from…

  • Saint Kevin's Church, Glendalough


    ( Part 5 a ) Glendalough – a valley located in County Wicklow, Ireland. Renowned for an Early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St Kevin. There are also: the Round Tower, St Kevin’s Church, St Kevin’s…