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( Part 5 )

New Year, New Challenge.

January 2009. We decided that since my husband has already changed the direction of his professional career and to develop himself further, he must go to university in this field. But where to get the money from? Well. Next loan 馃う鈥嶁檧锔. It’s the third time but never minds. Imagine that after 2 years in Ireland, he began studying there. With such words, which he learned as a bartender, he started his education in the field of Hotel Management. A skilled beast I must say 馃槉. He was writing down new words on pieces of paper, which he kept with him all the time, and in his spare time, he tried to remember them. In the morning he was going to school, then to work, and then back home at night. Good that at least it was in one direction. And so for a year and a half. I won’t say it was easy for me, but we do everything for the family. The husband was getting up early to school and coming back late at night, I was alone at home all day with my two little children.

In the beginning, I still managed somehow. I guess what kept me alive was the excitement of having our own apartment 馃槈 and going on some trips once in a while. We were just starting to get to know Ireland and our frequent destination was Glendalough, a mountain scene. Our place 馃榿. We could go there any time and never be bored. We just love the mountains so much 鉀梆煠. Every time after coming home we felt like a newborn. These trips pumped a bit of “fresh” life into me. We felt a bit like in Poland. As if we were in our beautiful Polish mountains, which I always think of with great sentiment. We dream of a house in the woods with a mountain view. This is what we need to be happy 馃槈. In the next post, I will throw a few photos, dugout, and saved from trips to this magical place. I put one in as an incentive 馃槈.

Glendalough Upper Lake

Glendalough Upper Lake

Leaving these beautiful mountain views in our dreams we return to reality, not as beautiful as it seemed to me at that time. Either way, we are at the moment on vacation, which we were spending with our children mostly in Poland.聽As a standard, since we moved to Ireland, we ended up there for every holiday. There was always something to do, so where to go on vacation? To Poland. You can guess that everyone wanted to see us. But where to get so much time 鈴? Every time we were in Poland, we always went on family and friends tour and there was never enough time for us. In fact, only after returning home, we would use a real vacation 馃槈.

Peacock in the Royal 艁azienki Park in Warsaw

Such a beautiful peacock walked around the Royal 艁azienki Park in Warsaw

This year we even managed to fly to Paris for three days for our fifth wedding anniversary, thanks to my parents who flew in to spend time with our children. It’s only three days, but believe me, it felt like a week 馃榿.聽I needed it badly. It didn’t even bother me that we had to take the bus an hour from the airport to Paris and back. Those two nights without crying or getting up, and those mornings when I woke up when I got some sleep, not because I had to – PRICELESS 馃槈.

For now, let’s return from these “journeys” to my everyday life. We are already at the end of the summer holidays and the school year is about to begin. It means that our firstborn begins his education which comes with additional obligations such as preparing and dropping him in the morning to school, as well as picking him up. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the fact that leaving for school, which was 5 minutes from home, was always becoming a big trip. I had to dress my son, baby daughter, and of course myself, and the weather in Ireland, as I mentioned earlier was not the best. When we were almost ready to leave, the baby daughter decided, out of spite, that she would “use the toilet” before leaving, because it is not known when she will return, and even less if there will be one where her mother will take her 馃槈. So what? In a hurry, I had to change her pampers quickly, and sometimes it even happened to change all clothes 馃う鈥嶁檧锔 and it was already time to leave for school; besides, my son had been waiting sweaty for a long time. It was like that almost every time, especially when there was no time left and it was time to leave. Did you have the same? I can guess that certainly for one of you also happened that way. Well, these are the charms of being a mother 馃槏. It made me angry sometimes, but now, when I think about it, it was a beautiful time. Moments that will never come back and will only remain in our memory until Alzheimer’s knocks on us 馃槈. I hope forever 馃槏. That is why Moms, let’s enjoy every moment of being a mom we get every day. From the good moments and the bad moments, in our opinion. What we will experience, no one and nothing will take away from us, and what a beautiful album is made in our memory, we will appreciate it, only years later.

Returning to my husband. After 1.5 years of study, it is time for a six-month internship. My husband applied for an internship at The Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt in Enniskerry. He didn’t have to wait long. A boy who studied at the same University as my husband and at the same time worked at Ritz asked my husband if he would like to work instead of an internship because they are looking for employees. And this is how, after 3 years, my husband changed his workplace from an Irish pub-restaurant to a luxury 5 鈽 hotel. It is true that for the same position, but you had to start somewhere. Anyway, he didn’t work as a bartender for too long. After 2.5 months he said that he wants to progress and asked to be transferred to the position of waiter. At the beginning, he worked for a while in two positions, but soon he worked only as a waiter. After 9 months, he was offered an 18-month Manager in Training position, 聽which ended after only 5 months with the promotion to the Assistant Manager of Lobby Lounge. Well, I can say. I am bursting with pride 馃槍. I didn’t even know that I have such a rough diamond by my side 馃槏.

I thought:

“Why not to try. You have to polish up this diamond because it would be a shame for it to go to waste.”

I completely took care of home and children, so that my husband could develop and improve the well-being of our family. Unfortunately, it was a fatal decision for me, the effects of which appeared quite quickly. In one of the next posts, you will be able to read about it.

We got to the end of the year anyway. This winter was different from previous ones in Ireland. 2009 ended WHITE !!! Can you imagine?! The snow has finally fallen! Not a huge amount, just enough to make a snowman 鉀勷煒. Apparently, there had been no snow in Ireland for many, many years and it was a shock to everyone. In a word, they were not prepared for it. It was a joy for us; for the cities, I don’t think so. SNOW = PARALYSIS. Everything is closed! For 3 days people did not go to work because they had no way to get out, but I don’t think they were so excited to work anyway, especially the locals 馃槈. Those who could work from home worked from home, those who managed to get out and somehow get to work worked, unfortunately like my husband. Buses were not running, schools were closed, children were very happy; parents not necessarily 馃槈. For us, the shock was not the snow, but the fact that everything suddenly stopped. In Poland, this is not the case with such snow 馃ザ馃槈. This winter marked the beginning of the white winters in Ireland 馃尐 and we continued our development.

Below you can see some photos from this winter that I’ve managed to find (sorry for the quality 馃槉). Of course, the snow disappeared faster than we would have liked. I don’t remember exactly, but I think was not lying down longer than two weeks.

And here, for comparison, a photo from winter in Poland 馃槈

Winter in Poland


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