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( Part 31 )


New Year, new life


And we have a new year. We are resting, unfortunately my husband is working. The children are free for another week. On the one hand, it is good because we don’t have to get up in the morning, on the other hand I prefer to have a routine. Mom’s stay was shortened by a month, and on January 2 we took her to the airport. At the beginning of the year we also got a nice surprise. A contract from Bahrain to sign. It was the next step in my husband’s career. He was given the position of Assistant Director of Food and Beverage. 

I, not sure why, signed up for German classes where I actually needed English. It was during the time when children were in Polish school, so it didn’t cause me any special problem. But why I signed up for German, I still don’t know. Probably to diversify the time when my husband had to work on Saturdays.


Organization of waiting time



The start date in Bahrain was scheduled for February, which meant we had very little time left. At the end of January, my husband flew to Poland for one more day to do some errands. At that time it turned out that they still did not have all the documents needed for his work permit and the deadline was postponed. By how much? We did not know. So I decided to fly to Poland for two more days and return together with Anna, who had bought a ticket for February 10th. I wanted to use this opportunity to gain strength. Anna’s visit was, as always, very fruitful and, for me, too short. In fact it was 18 days, but for me it was still only. As you can guess from previous posts, winters in Ireland are not that bad. I would even be inclined to write that there aren’t any in comparison to Poland, which is why Glendalough was once again on our list of outings outside the city. We don’t know when we could go there again.


New discovery


Dog Run-St. Catherine Park

Because we had a dog, we had to find a nice place for him to run around and get to know other dogs. We came across a nice park called St. Catherine Park, not far from our house. There is a large dog park called Dog Run-St. Catherine Park where they can run around as much as they want. The Woodland Walk is the best place for those who want to relax and be closer to nature, where they can stroll along the paths in the woods. Even kayaking enthusiasts will find something for themselves there.


Fairy doors on trees in St. Catherine Park

What our kids enjoyed most was the walk through the park along the fairy alleys. On the trees are tiny doors in different colours with plaques to which fairy they belong. Plus there are tiny swings on the branches of the trees, hanging laundry and lots of other cool stuff. Unfortunately I can’t find any more pictures with fairies 😔, but you can see some photos from the park in the Gallery, in the Ireland album.


Anna’s stay


Tea talks

During this Anna’s stay, we attended daily Mass as standard and talked a lot. As you know from previous posts, Anna is at Mass every day, intercedes in prayer for everyone and gives every intention she is asked to give. We, on the other hand, tried to go as a whole family, at least on Sunday. At first there was little desire to do so. I wanted my husband to go to church on Sundays, because he often worked on weekends, and he didn’t really want to. When he became more open to God, he also found time on Sunday or Saturday evenings to attend Mass together. After some time everything fell in its place. It’s a beautiful feeling when you can go to the church together.

I spent most of my time with Anna. We also met with our friends for coffee. These were great meetings, always fruitful. Before flying to Bahrain, Father Bartek celebrated a Mass for our family and the trip. We were very pleased when people from the community came to support us and pray for us. I’m glad that Anna could be with us then. It means a lot to me, especially that she is like a sister to me. Actually she’s not “like” a sister, but she is a sister by choice and our relationship is very strong. She is very close to me, and we have been through a lot together, so her stays with us are always too short for me. The time came for Anna to leave, and I couldn’t wait for her to come again. But what to do. Such a life. I’m glad that we have this opportunity to see each other from time to time. Anna flew away, and we went back to our lives.


Departure to Bahrain


The flight to Bahrain dragged on till April. At the end of March, we slowly started packing suitcases. On April Fools, my husband had a 9:25 a.m. flight, and since it was a Saturday, we drove him to the airport with the whole family. We said our goodbyes and I drove the kids to their Polish school. That day started everything that happened next. As you may have noticed, my husband flew to Bahrain alone. We decided that it would be better this way. In Ireland the children went to school and learned in English, and there we would have to send them to English-speaking schools, which are very expensive. After our calculations it came out that after paying for the schools, maybe we would have enough for bread and butter, and on good days with jam 😉. The decision was not an easy one emotionally, but one we made out of reason. For how long? We didn’t know ourselves how long we would be able to last like this, but we took a chance.

Husband on the plane, me with the kids in Ireland, and how will it be now?



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