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( Part 11 )


The hail storm has passed. It didn’t last long, but it was very intense and with huge losses, as you already know from the previous post. Our car insurance was slowly coming to an end, and we had to go to Ireland. Our plans were to sell it after three months, but as you know, our plans have slightly changed. First, we had to get it repaired because no one would throw themselves at a car with 24 dents all over the bonnet. My husband left the car for service in Ireland, and then my brother sold it. Well, it was not looking great because it was the work of Irish professionals 😉. When my brother sent us pictures after the repair, my hands fell off, but it still looked better than before the service. That is how we ended our adventure with our beloved Zafira 😢.

The husband returned to Wolfsburg by plane 🛩. I’ll tell you, we didn’t have that bad. My husband’s boss’s wife just happened to be away on a month-long holiday, and we got her car from them for our own use for that time. Isn’t life beautiful 😀? It was a saviour for us because a lot of things had to be sorted out. Caring four kids on buses from town to town and running from place to place wouldn’t be cool, especially for kids. All the more so because, contrary to what everyone was saying, that in Germany we could easily communicate in English, that was not the case at all. In offices-forget it!!! Imagine that even when we went to buy our phones in the centre of Wolfsburg, we weren’t able to communicate in English either, and in the shop was a young boy. Where are all those Germans who speak English so fluently … 🤔?  To be honest, being there made me feel confident with my English and even more. Taking my daughter to kindergarten, when I had trouble communicating in English, I had to use German I had learned in college. And that’s how I had two benefits in one go 😁.  I have never had better English and German than in Germany. I got such wings, I could barely hold on to the ground 😆.

Once this beautiful time of driving a borrowed car has passed, autumn has come, followed by winter and the time without a car, unfortunately not so beautiful anymore. As we lived in such a small town, or as who would prefer a nice village; some farms still had livestock, horses next to the kindergarten; our shopping accrued to be a huge journey. We walked 2.5 km to the shop Aldi located in the next town called Velpke. According to Google Maps, it should have taken us 30 minutes one way, but with our children, it was taking us a bit longer 😉. I think double that time. Then back, with the shopping, of course, the same time or even longer, because everyone was already a little tired. And so to December. And why, you’re about to find out.


The road through the forest to the shop in Velpke


After we were left without a car it was harder for us to function. We didn’t have any plans to buy one, so we thought maybe my husband would apply for a job in London for a higher position and see if there would be any response. Generally, silence. Since I don’t like monotony for too long, had to figure something out. I don’t know if you remember, but I did mention that we were in Canada for three days. We were welcomed by Patrycja and Rafał, my friend from school years. I didn’t know Patricia at all. Before our arrival for the first time, I got a beautiful welcome message from her. Full of warmth, kindness, and openness. I wish I had that Facebook account, so I could have shown it to you. Female Angel 😇. They offered us to stay with them, their hospitality, and they sacrificed their time to show us Canada for all three days 🥰. Truly, what a beautiful gesture. That’s nothing compared to what happened next.


Old City Hall - Toronto

Old City Hall – Toronto


Back to the point. We were in touch with them and during the last visit we mentioned that we wanted to move to Canada. Imagine, they offered us to come to Canada and live with them. Can you imagine that?! We, two adults with four small children, and also six of them, as they have three sons and a mum who lives with them. Twelve people in one house, under one roof 😳. After such an offer; and of course questions in disbelief, whether they were aware for sure what they were doing and taking six strangers; we decided to apply for a student visa for me. It was not a particularly difficult step for us, especially because in Germany we had to add from our savings to survive because of their high taxes. Looking back with an aching heart 💔 when you are losing instead of gaining you have no problem making such decisions 😉. That’s why we filled out the documents and sent them. We didn’t wait long for a visa. Maybe two weeks. Of course, as always, it can’t be without surprises. After the news that we had been granted visas, my husband got a phone call. He talked for a long time and after finishing, he said:

Do we always have to choose?”

You know what turned out. Just after three months, after getting a visa to Canada, a lady called from London from The Savoy Hotel with a job offer my husband had applied for, just to see if there would be any response. And here it is, after three months. When he already forgot about it. He was with his thoughts already at the airport to Canada 😉 and here’s the situation. What to do now? Big dilemma. On the one hand, a company worth having on your CV and a higher position, on the other hand, a dream at your fingertips. You just have to choose. What would you choose, my Dears? Which offer would you be more tempted to take? Let me add that my husband had no job guaranteed when going to Canada 🇨🇦. He could only start to search after his visa was activated at the airport. The lady from London was supposed to call in a few days, so we had those few days to think about it. In the meantime, my husband suffered a knee injury and had to have surgery 🩺, after which he had some complications, and was placed on leave for three months. So the opportunity arose to go to Poland 🇵🇱 in December. This allowed us to spend the ENTIRE Christmas after 7 years 🎄 ⛄ not only together as a normal family without rushing to work, but also with our family in our own country.

During our stay in Poland, a lady from London called for a second time. The moment of truth has arrived 😉. Have you made your decision yet❓, because we have. Of course, there are doubts about making a good one, but we have made a decision. Guess what? What do you think? What a big family with four tiny children; let’s not forget that the smallest son was not even a year and a half old, and the smallest daughter was only three years old; could decide. Do you think we followed the heart ❤️️ and chose Canada or did we go with common sense 🧠 and chose London 🤔? Okay. I’m not going to keep you guys in the dark any longer. This family with four children, who don’t seem to have enough excitement, chose Canada. Of course, it would not have happened without the help of my best friend Leszek, who helped us so much at that point and for which we are very grateful to him 😘. What’s your bet? Who has predicted and who guessed? Was it hard? 😉

Yes, My Dear ones. It sounds a little unbelievable, I can guess, but that’s how it was. We always wanted to move to Canada, from the first few months of our stay in Ireland. That is why we decided that if we didn’t try, we would regret for the rest of our lives that we had the chance but didn’t take it and it was easier to move to London. And that’s the decision we made.


Christmas’ decorations in the streets of Warsaw


Just before Christmas, we informed our family about our move. I will be honest “light shock. Ireland was a journey already. Germany, at least closer to Poland. Some hope that maybe we will come back soon. I am not going to hide that there was no sight of happiness in them, and they even had some tears.😢. You know what it’s like to imagine that we are moving to the other side of the world, they will not see us at all. It may not have been the best Christmas present for them, but what to do …

Christmas is over, it is time to prepare for New Year’s Eve. And this is where the idyllic comes to the end because my husband had to be back to work for New Year’s Eve. Can’t be too good 😉.



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