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End and Beginning

( Part 22 )


We had a good night’s sleep without any attractions. We arrived at the port at the scheduled time. You know, night, no traffic jams on the way, so we arrived on time 😜, not like with the car. Now it’s only less than two hours drive, and we’ll be home. Of course, immediately after leaving the port, we stopped to have some breakfast at the nearest McDonald’s. This time calmly, without any rush, because there is only one way left, to go home. Once we got home and unpacked everything out of the car, we sat down and to be honest we just started to relax. We came back on August 4th, so we still had almost a whole month of holiday. We spent it in Ireland on trips out of town, as usual to Glendalough of course, going for walks in the parks, visiting ostriches, llamas and other animals that lived next door on the hotel grounds, and also kids played in the garden with other children.


Meeting with an ostrich

Walk around the Finnstown Hotel

And so August ended and the new school year began. This year our little girl started her adventure with school, and our youngest son started his adventure in kindergarten. For him, it is only 3 hours, but for me, it’s always something. The time passes so fast, we only realize by looking at our children. Not long after she was born, she’s already going to school. Shock!

The weather in October was very nice, so we took advantage of it and visited the Dublin ZOO.


Dublin ZOO

In the same month, Anna came to visit us, and I never expected how her stay with me would start a change in my life. Remember my best friend Anna? I introduced her to you in the first post, “the Beginning.”  She’s the reason my life changed by 180 degrees. Really. It never crossed my mind that my life would change like this. I’m about to introduce you to the whole story. Are you ready? Because what you will read in the next posts may seem a little strange to you, but it really was. Here we go.

2010 was a huge breakthrough year for Anna. Well, the day before Christmas Eve, her mom died. It was a terrible Christmas for her, as well as the end of the year. Anna ran her own beauty salon at that time. Less than a month after her mom died, a regular client told her that at the moment she was in, she needed God and enrolled her in a retreat. Anna with indifference, stating that she had nothing to lose, accepted the offer and went for it. And that was the second turning point in Anna’s life. At these retreats, she felt the Love of God 🧡 in her heart and was converted. The exact course of this you can read on the blog that is being created. And what effect did all this have on me? Well, when Anna was converted, she began to devote a lot of time to God, and that she is my best friend, we also talked a lot. At that time, she had few people around her who took her conversion seriously. Even some people said she was crazy because she was talking about nothing but Jesus, and that she would get over it. And so it was then. I always listened to everything she said, and I never denied or criticized her. I tried to give her support, especially since it was a very difficult time for her. She lost her mom, her beauty salon, the boyfriend she was with at that time, and everyone told her she was haunted and crazy. We were 6 hours apart because that was the time we were living in Canada. When I had a free moment and could talk in Poland it was already night and everyone was asleep. Anna always went to bed very late, so we could talk quietly. And since then, my life has started to change. At first, the changes took place inside me, and only when we returned to Ireland, the changes were visible to the naked eye.



October 6, 2015, Anna lands in Dublin 🛩. I’m picking her up from the airport, and we’re going home. Before arriving, Anna said that she would go to the Eucharist every day and that the church was not far away, so that was not a big problem. I immediately said that I would not go with her every day, I would show her at the beginning, explain what and how, and she would be able to walk alone. The first day we went by car. The children were starting school at 8:30 a.m. and Mass was at 10:00 a.m., so we could easily have breakfast and go to Mass. The next day we went for a walk so that Anna could remember the way. We were having such a good time, not knowing when it became routine. And so it was throughout Anna’s stay. As you can see, the reality turned out to be different from what I originally planned. She was telling me everything she experienced since her conversion, and I listened with interest and openness. Well, a lot has accumulated in almost 5 years, and over the phone, you cannot tell and convey everything as you would like. Time was running out so fast, you don’t even know when, and Anna had to go back home.

We had such a good time together that Anna visited Ireland more often from that moment on 😉.



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