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( Part 25 )


It’s time to leave, August 9, 2016. This time we changed the route a little. After the last attractions on the ferry, we decided to drive through England. Night adventures on the water are probably not for us 😉. At 10:55pm we had a ferry from Dublin Port to Holyhead in England. This time the waters were more favourable to us, or maybe they did not have time to swing yet because our journey was too short 😉. We arrived at Holyhead at 12:20am. Middle of the night. The sky was black with not too many stars, and we were on our way across England to the Eurotunnel in Folkestone. We were a little excited, and on the other hand a little scared, because it was the first time we were supposed to go through the tunnel. The time we needed to get to the Eurotunnel was about 6 and a half hours, which was not too bad considering that we had about 8 and a half hours until the boarding the train platform. Good two hours to spare. And that night, with only few cars on the road, we should even get there faster than the scheduled 6 and a half hours. But, as you have already figured out, and maybe get to know us a little, cannot be so beautiful! It wouldn’t be us.

It started when we left the ferry. For the first few minutes, we drove quite well, until we realized that our road looks a little different from how it looked at the Google Maps. Not only that was very winding, it also led through the middle of the forest and some strange towns with literally five houses. Not forgetting that the stars weren’t right for us that night, and it was very dark. In general, you can say that someone turned off the light 😉. Black and deaf everywhere. Just us, like Robinson wandering around the island, only times 6 😆. Good thing it was night and the kids were asleep because, with a start like this, we never would have made it in time. As soon as we managed to get out of this beautiful nature on some road that had lanterns, we grasped the direction and moved forward. Time was chasing us, because I can’t hide the fact that we lost a lot, squeezing through these narrow, twisted, and unlit roads. As it turned out, we had the pleasure of seeing Wales at night. To be honest, if you get the chance, you can explore during the day. At night, I do not recommend it, especially if you have little time 😉.

On the way 😀

We reached the Eurotunnel literally on the time of departure, what an adrenaline. The view was interesting, but at the same time frightening. Double-decker train. A little shock 😳, but OK, we’ll manage somehow. After considerable stress, we managed to enter the platform. Then another shock, how close the cars are standing next to each other 🚗 🚙, and on top of this that doors closing after few cars to separate it. The thought of not only being locked in a car but also in some tunnel with no way out for the next 35 minutes was terrifying. It’s like sardines in a can. By default, my imagination worked at the highest speed. Thoughts that presented me with various options for an imminent exit from this world, maybe not necessarily as I would like it, did not give me peace. It’s time to leave. The view outside was beautiful. The grass, the trees, the blue sky, oops the view disappeared faster than I expected. All the way there was nothing to be seen but the dark walls of the tunnel, which, moreover, was very close to these tiny windows 😬. The whole 35 minutes of stress miraculously survived 😉. As soon as we lost sight of the surface of the earth, so quickly it appeared to us back, leaving the tunnel. We arrived safe and in good health. I was a little stressed, but also in one piece 😉. The relief of leaving the train is immense. Indescribable. The main thing was that we were already on the land. Somehow I do not trust other types of transportation than the car, which, incidentally, I drive myself 😉.

Our another challenge was the route from the Eurotunnel to Hannover, where we booked the hotel, so we could relax a bit. Standard time, about 7 hours.  With good winds we should be there at 6:00pm, but of course, we were later, as we had to eat something on the way and stop several times. The important thing is that we have reached our destination.



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