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( Part 7 )


As you know, there are five of us. More people, more work, but who would have thought of that. The most important thing at that time was euphoria. This state of happiness did not allow me to see what lay ahead. As mentioned in the “Tiny Frog” post, baby treasure. I don’t remember her crying any more needlessly. Imagine I didn’t even feel my little girl’s teeth had gone out. Not once did she moan. Can you believe it?! The only time she got anything out of her mouth about her teeth coming out was, “Mommy, it hurts”. Twice on all, and only on the last fifth tooth on the top. I didn’t feel like I had a baby, especially a third one.

After another 7 months, my husband was promoted to Lobby Lounge Manager. He’s got a bit of momentum, obviously. I think he’s trying to keep up with me. Unfortunately, I have my limits, and he does not necessarily😉, which means he is in the winning position 😁. Well, life.

Less than a year after his promotion, we made a small car trip to Poland. This year we also started our traditional, as it turned out, car 🚙 trips to Poland via Europe.



We first set off from home by car to the Port of Rosslare and from there we took a ferry ⛴ all night to a port in France. Everyone had a good night’s sleep, except me, of course, because I, why should I sleep, better look at 😳 the rough waves all night and wonder when the ship will capsize and everyone will drown. Right? Better occupation than sleeping. Who would have thought about sleeping with attractions like this around, after all, it might be the only chance. First and last. The second may not happen again. And then what? Well, this is how I have it. Anything that doesn’t touch the ground puts me in an uncontrollable state of readiness. Come on, man, don’t be nervous when it’s rocking like I don’t know what. I thought the ship was really about to flip over . The worst part about it was that the car was ALWAYS driven by me, and a whole night without sleep would probably not be the best option for me. In general, I’m terribly scared of flying planes, sailing ships, anything else that doesn’t touch the ground and I have no control over it. Just as I’m afraid to enjoy driving a car as a passenger. It’s the trauma of my teenage years. By contrast, in the morning, when we reached the harbour and took the elevator to the car park, we talked to the staff about the night. We found out that the water was coming on board, but the lyrics like “it’s normal” and “it’s nothing yet” knocked me off my feet 😳.  My heart almost burst out of fear all night, and this is what they serve for breakfast. In fact, it was more of a dinner party, as it was approaching 5pm. But who would wonder the times of the day under such stress? I even wondered if we had bought a special night-time attraction package by accident 😉. I don’t know what’s worse: a plane or a ship 🤔? We wanted to live on the island as if there was no place for us on the “mainland” 🙄.

Thankfully my feet have finally touched the ground. A heartbreaker. Now it’s just a tour of the land. From the Port of Cherbourg in France we had to get to Paris, where we made a stopover.



According to google maps, the route would have taken us about four hours, but in our case, it was not possible. First, because of our kids, every minute they would need to pee or eat, or something else, and that’s all the way down the road, so four hours turned into five. It’s nothing yet. The best is yet to come. As we got to Paris, I will add that we were super happy, especially me, which is impossible to hide; we started looking for our hotel 🏨 to get a normal, stress-free night’s sleep. Here we go. “ZERO” Hour is out! We turned on the GPS my brother lent us, the only one who cared for his sister and brother-in-law. A good kid, I’ll tell you, he had a lot of desire 😍. So we followed that GPS. It led us beautifully. All the streets and highways of Paris, but not where it should be, to our hotel. It didn’t think we were in the mood for a tour of Paris after 10pm, and a sleepless night on the ferry. Well, it’s just GPS, what to expect, it’s only the middle of 2012 😉. Tired of all the travel and sightseeing with a GPS guide, we decided to ask a French taxi driver how to get to our hotel. Great idea!!! We should get a standing ovation! Really. 10.30 pm, and we’re asking a French taxi driver for directions, very funny, really. Mr. Taxi Driver, very talkative and very helpful. He spoke, explained, even showed but unfortunately all in French 😫. No words. The man then begins to spit in his beard: “why didn’t I learn French, now I wouldn’t have a problem with understanding” 😉. Never mind. We went further ahead where the road took us. All of a sudden there was a hotel in front of us, some kind of hotel, not ours of course, because that would be too beautiful. My husband went to ask for directions to our hotel. The lady was so nice, she even printed us a map of how to get from where we are. You’re not going to believe this!!! Our hotel was a street away 🤦‍♀️.

It later turned out that the GPS did not have the latest map of France uploaded and that was why it got a little lost. The most important thing is that we hit the target.

By the time we got into the room and my head touched the pillow, I thought I couldn’t count to five, and I was already in dreamland 😴.


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