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Fight and Win

As you have probably read before, I was struck by a terrible disease that affects many people nowadays. For most, it is a disease that they don’t want to talk about, admit to, or even accept that they’ve got it. Its name evokes embarrassment, shame, humiliation, and other feelings and emotions, but the fact is a fact. This disease was, is, and will be. All the more so because times, unfortunately, are changing more to the worse side rather than in the better one. I mean, among other things, the work that a man chases after when life passes unnoticed. Losing yourself in it to make money, to make a living, afraid to defy the boss, and work like a “slave” for 13 hours a day not to lose it. This disease is called depression.

I have met many times with people who, after hearing the combination of the two words depression and a psychiatrist, thought that such a person was already abnormal. Nothing more confusing. This person is just lost. Nowadays, nothing is certain and everyone is afraid of tomorrow, which makes some people depressed. Therefore, we must learn to talk about it, how to live with depression, and also, Those who do not have it, and especially Those, should learn how to live with people having depression. People with depression see the world very differently. It is more frightening, distant, unattainable, insidious, judgmental, grey, repulsive, and much, much more. In fact, they usually see themselves in this world either at the very end or not at all. And that’s the worst part of it.

In my opinion, 1/4 of success depends on the people who surround us, on our loved ones, and those who live with us. It is them who are able to provide us with “first aid” until we reach a specialist. Their support, warm words, understanding, and love that they can show to a depressed person is priceless. Believe me, I know what I am writing. Texts such as: “Get a grip”, “stop feeling sorry for yourself”, “you don’t do anything with yourself”, “get over yourself”  and many other similar ones are the worst that can be heard at that time. It’s like the proverbial “nail in the coffin”. Patients very often do not show after themselves that they suffer from depression, which is also not good, because the environment unknowingly making such comments only make them even more depressed, not knowing it at all. On the other hand, sick people do not even know that they are sick themselves, or just as I mentioned at the beginning they deny this fact, for fear of judging others that they are abnormal.

I know it’s not easy. I also know how much patience it takes, but once we know it can help that person, isn’t it worth it? The most beautiful reward for this help is to see at least one spark of joy and smile of that person. Believe me, there is nothing better, because thanks to this joy everyone around, the most loved ones, family and friends, also benefit. 

Depression is such a slow death. If we don’t do anything about it, we die from the inside out. Our personality dies, our brain, ourselves, and in the worst cases, it even leads to suicide. Therefore, we should not be ashamed to talk about it and be afraid to admit it, because untreated depression can do more harm than we think. And such statements like I will not go to any psychologist, especially a psychiatrist, I’m not abnormal or I’m not crazy, believe me, we should be ashamed. 

My depression lasted, I think, about 8 years. It started after the second baby delivery. I fought with it for quite a long time. With breaks for another two pregnancies, but I won. I did not give up. I know how much it cost my husband and how much my children have lost because of it. I appreciate that he survived this hard time with me. It helped me a lot and now it’s time to redeem myself 😉. 

So my friends, keep your heads up, who has to fight, fight. Absolutely never give up. As long as there is a spark of hope



I embrace you tightly, with a hug full of love 😍🧡.


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