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( Part 28 )


August 19th, the last day of our stay in Karpacz and my birthday 😀. For my birthday present, I got a trip to Śnieżka Mountain 😉. In the morning, straight after breakfast, we started our journey towards the bus, which took us to the Czech side to the lower station of the mountain cable car Pec pod Sněžkou. The route included a transfer in Růžová Hora, also in the cable car, which took us to the station Śnieżka Mountain.


Cable car Pec pod Sněžkou

The emotions that accompanied the children during the ride probably added more energy to their journey 😉. After climbing the top, because it was necessary to approach a little from the queue, the first object that appeared to our eyes was The Chapel of St. Lawrence.


The High-Altitude Meteorological Observatory IMGW

Next to the chapel is also The High-Altitude Meteorological Observatory IMGW, which in its shape resembles a flying spaceship. At the very top, where we could get some hot drinks, we admired the views, which are really amazing ⛰😍.


The path of Polish-Czech friendship

After visiting the top of Śnieżka Mountain we went down the Path of Polish-Czech Friendship, where we could stay in The Shelter Dom-Śląski and have something warm to eat. After filling our bellies, we followed the red trail down to The PTTK nad Łomniczką Shelter.


The PTTK nad Łomniczką Shelter

There we enjoyed a cup of tea and went on the road, enjoying the beautiful weather and wonderful views. Suddenly, our eyes and very tired legs appeared another cable car Biały Jar. How lucky we were! As it turned out, the queue had just finished its work for today, but a very nice man who worked there told us to jump on the bench, and he will just let those downstairs know that the last tourists would be arriving in a moment. This time the cable car was opened, and the emotions were even greater, because only a barrier separated us from what was below us 😬. “Journey” a little more stressful than to Śnieżka Mountain, but just as interesting.


Dam on the Łomnica River

After an exciting ride, we hit on the same red trail and before continuing back home, we came across the Dam in Łomnica. Having reached the town, we went to eat something and exhausted, but how satisfied we went to sleep, because the next day we were going on the long road again. Well rested and full of energy, we packed up our car, handed over our keys and started our next 1000 km. Google Maps predicted, for us, around 11 hours of driving. We started with a small stop not far from Karpacz for a quick breakfast and ice creams for a good start of the day, and without wasting any more time, we hit the road.


Our route

The trip was long and, as usual, did not go without additional attractions. Once we passed Germany and were driving through the Netherlands, it turned out that I messed up a little in our schedule and in Jabbeke, where we supposed to spend the next two nights, we will be late in the evening, but our stay starts for us only the next day. What do we do now? We’re getting there in two hours, and we have nowhere to sleep. We need to find a place to stay. We reached to some bigger town, and were trying to find something. Of course, we had a problem with the internet connection, so we had an even more difficult challenge. Where at 10pm, without the internet, you can find accommodation. We pulled up to the first hotel we saw on the way. It turned out that there is no reception and the rooms are on the code. We drove on. We reached a larger hotel, but there it turned out that they simply do not have free rooms. Nothing but sit and cry. Four children exhausted by the journey and the prospect of an overnight stay in the car did not add optimism. By some miracle, we managed to connect to the internet and found a hotel in Bruges.


Our Hotel Koffieboontje on the left

Miraculously, I’m telling you, because the receptionist said that the room is just being vacated, and if we want to wait for them to prepare it for us, we can take it. Tell me, isn’t it a miracle? For me, it is. When we arrived at the place, and we managed to find some free space to park the car, we checked in and immediately went to the city to grab something to eat. It was very late, so we had little choice. We bought some French fries at a Food Van down the street, walked around the Old Market Square and went back to the hotel. This time we did not have separate rooms and, on the contrary, one two-room apartment with six beds. Exhausted after the trip, everyone fell asleep in a blink of an eye. In the morning we settled down pretty quickly, checked out, packed our bags in the car and went for breakfast at a restaurant around the corner. When we connected to the internet and entered the route in Google Maps, it turned out that from the place where we stayed, to the place of our camping site we have only 18 minutes by car. We decided it was too early to check in any way, so we’re going to explore Bruges. And that’s what we did. After enjoying our breakfast, we went to conquer the city.

Of course, you can see more photos in the Gallery in the Poland album.



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