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Hannover and its “attractions”

( Part 26 )


Hotel-like a hotel, nothing special. Ibis budget Hannover Garbsen, well, not much to expect. But we didn’t come to the hotel for comfort, but just to spend the night somewhere. To begin with, we were, as usual, a little shocked. I understand that this is not a luxury hotel, but it does have a hotel in the name, so some standards should apply, right? Already at the very entrance to the “hotel”, we passed a gentleman, let me add an employee, from whom we could feel the smell of vodka. I understand that it was already 8pm with minutes, but people, let’s not exaggerate, you are at work. After bypassing the gentleman, who also pointed us in the direction, in case we did not know where to go, we went straight to the reception. And there … the rest of the mutual adoration society. Hands are falling. They looked more like hotel caretakers than receptionists, and in addition, it was difficult for us to communicate, because English was not on their way of life, similar to mine 😉. Well, what to do. Somehow we got along, we got the keys to the rooms, just for an explanation unfortunately we have to take always two rooms, as it is rather difficult to find something for six people, especially in such great hotels like this 😉, and we went to take our bags.

As you may have guessed, we couldn’t count on dinner either, because it was too late, and we had to dine somewhere outside. After leaving the hotel, we turned left in search of something to eat. Normally, like cavemen 😉, but I admit that the hunt can be counted as successful. Literally 50 meters from the hotel, we found a small booth resembling a roadside bar. At first, we were wondering if we should come in, or if it would be better not to risk it and wait until breakfast. However, looking at the hungry children, we decided to take a risk 😉. After entering inside, we found a tiny space with several tables and a bar on the right side. One of the tables was occupied by several Germans who, as soon as we entered, looked at us as if we were aliens 👽. We chose the first two tables from the entry and went to see what’s on the menu. Of course, the eyes 👀 of the natives went with us, as you can see, they were very sociable and perhaps helpful and did not want us to get lost along the way 😉. Anyway, we still managed to order something (read: pork chop), and was even quite OK. Then we went to the rooms to get some sleep before the next tour. Admittedly, we were in no hurry, but we still had to get out before 10am to reach breakfast before closure. Of course, in the form of a buffet, but I will frankly admit that it was even possible to choose something from it. We could listen to the morning news on the TV, which was located in the breakfast room, obviously in German, and then we packed up in the car. I will also mention that the morning shift was still sober when we went down to eat 😉.

Before us another 8 and a half hours drive to Warsaw. All day in the car again. Just the thought that this time it would be a longer break from driving than just the night, gave us strength. 😉. The road led us next to Wolfsburg, where we lived in 2013. It even crossed our minds to maybe drive over and remind the kids where they lived. Every time, we reminisce fondly about that time in Germany. Well, in the end we gave up, because we were supposed to reach our destination in the evening anyway, and such a “jump sideways” would have cost us some time.

The road to Warsaw was quite good, and we were not too late. We went straight to my mother to spend the night and leave the children there for the next two nights, and from the morning we were able to deal with all the necessary things as usual in Poland. Three days passed, you don’t even know when. It’s already time for the next tour. This time a little shorter but for longer, because up to 5 nights 😉.



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