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Holidays Together

( Part 36 )


Not knowing when, and we already have the end of the year. We planned our vacations for the end of July and the beginning of August this time. My husband flew in mid-July. I went for a quick visit to Poland, to get away from everyday life and responsibilities and for the kids to enjoy their dad, who they had all for themselves. After my trip we spent a few more days in Ireland and of course a trip to Glendalough was a must 😉. In order not to spend the whole month only in Ireland, we decided to travel to Poland, but this time not to visit family as usual, but to see our Polish seaside. We wanted our kids to slowly start getting to know Poland, after all, it is their country. And on top is really beautiful.



We started to look for accommodation. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything because everything was booked out. But we were not discouraged. We bought tickets for the ferry and decided to look for accommodation on the way. We packed the car to the brim, left the dog with Sandra at the dog hotel, and hit the road the next day. The kids were very happy because they really liked those car trips of ours in Europe. The road was pretty good. The weather was also good for driving.


Dźwirzyno, Geo-sea Resort

I managed to reach some resort where only one half of a cottage with only 5 beds was free. We were one person more. A bit afraid, I asked the lady if it would be a problem if we inflated our mattress to fit us all. Fortunately, we had mattresses because, as always, our trips have stages. This year, we spent part in a cottage and part in a tent. The lady kindly agreed. We managed to find a roof over our heads at the last minute 😉 as we were already started the journey along the sea resorts. That’s how we ended up in Dźwirzyno, in West Pomeranian Voivodeship.


Time to eat something 😉

We unpacked and went in search of something to eat. Once everyone had filled their bellies, we decided to explore the area. The children had already made a plan where they “had” to go, what to see and where to play. Of course, the first on the list was a trip to the beach, which was very successful.


A much-awaited beach 😉

In the following days, with weather not spoil us too much, we went on a trip to Kołobrzeg, where we visited the Museum of Wax Figures. For a while, we could feel like in Hollywood 😉.


Museum of Wax Figures in Kolobrzeg

We also visited Kolobrzeg’s harbour and pier. We strolled along the beach boulevard, admiring the works of artists who put them up for sale. We spent the rest of our stay enjoying the attractions offered on site.



After a successful stay at the Polish seaside, we packed up our car and continued our journey. Heading home, but with a stopover for 3 days in Germany. We booked a camping site in Tropical Island. At the time, the biggest water park in Europe.


Camping in Tropical Island, Germany

I have to admit that it makes a really amazing impression. Cool pools, super vegetation and a very pleasant place. As you can guess, we spent the whole two days at the pools. On the third day we had to give up, pack the car and head home.


Tropical Island Waterpark, Germany

Time flew by fast and after two days from our return my husband had to go back to Bahrain. All good things come to an end quickly.



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