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( Part 14 )


Holiday, a time of relaxation and beautiful weather. A little more free time and a chance to explore Canada. And that’s what we did. The holiday was quite intense compared to the usual months, but maybe also because we had more time and beautiful weather. Not because my husband was on holiday, remember, he just started work, but it was just easier for everyone to fit in.

Let’s go back to my husband for a moment. As you know, he worked at the Fairmont Hotel. He did not stay there for a long time. When we showed up in Canada and the news spread 😉, my husband was contacted by a friend of his who worked at The Ritz Carlton Toronto. He asked if he wanted to go back to the Ritz, which my husband agreed to. Afterward, it went fast. It was reported to the General Manager of the hotel and it just so happened that they needed a Manager for the TOCA Restaurant. The perfect time and place, you might say 😁.  Suddenly, after six months, my husband returned to the Ritz. I’ll tell you, envy only 😉. In this hotel, you can meet plenty of celebrities 🤩 and important personalities. He personally served even Morgan Freeman / Al Pacino and many other famous people. Nice experience. He’ll have a lot to talk about. Now let’s leave his work and start the holiday fully 😎.

Holiday time starts, we have to go somewhere. In the beginning, Patrycja and Rafał took us on a trip to The Spencer Adventure Park. It is a nature reserve, with waterfalls and other attractions. Everything there is so spacious that immediately a person can feel relaxed. Such a meeting with nature.


Webster Falls in The Spencer Adventure


Another trip was to Bronte Park. A little different than the Spencer Adventure, but also very pleasant. In this park, you could see how people once lived and functioned. Their houses, farms, tractors, as well as livestock, and on the end children could play on the slide and on other attractions in the barn. Very interesting experience.


The Bronte Park


On the other free days, we used to go to Toronto with our children for sightseeing. At first, we went to the Toronto Islands, where kids had lots of fun as it turned out to have an amusement park 🎡 on-site.


Toronto Island Park Map

(I’m sorry about the frame, but I think it must have been really windy 😉)

We visited downtown Toronto, we even went to visit the CN Tower, but unfortunately, we did not succeed this time. The lines were so long, I don’t think we’d get there until nightfall. As a consolation, we looked at the tower from the outside. Well, this time it didn’t work, so we have to try for a third time. The Third Time Lucky, maybe it will work 😉.


CN Tower

CN Tower

In such beautiful weather as we had, sometimes a little raccoon kept us company. Cute little raccoon, but not necessarily welcome by homeowners, unfortunately, they get into the trash bins, penetrate it, while scattering garbage around.


Isn’t he cute 😍

Holidays are also a time for barbecues and social gatherings. Thanks to this, we had the pleasure to meet other members of the wonderful family of Patricia and Rafał. The rest of the time we had filled with plenty of walks. As we love hiking, we were always taking the children for a walk to the store for shopping. Distance from the house was about 2 km, which should take us with a “good wind” 😉 25 minutes, but that we always went with kids and every now and then had to stop, because something interesting happened along the way, and in addition, we were passing through the small forests, there were also always many things to see, it is known that it took us a little longer. The return was even longer because on the entry to the forest was a playground, and we absolutely could not pass by it indifferently. You know, it could be offended, and the swings would not want to swing afterward. Too much risk. We could not allow it, so the playground became our ritual 😉. 



We also managed to visit our friends in Toronto who came to Canada almost a year before us. Justynka and I met literally a moment before our move to Germany and theirs to Canada. Then we saw each other once in Canada, on this visit.

We also got to visit all the splash pads, which were in almost every possible place. Certainly in every park and I do not hide that in such weather they were the perfect solution for coolness and attraction for children.


Gellert Community Park – Splash Pad


At the end of the holiday, walking along the coast, we came across some more interesting places. We also visited the beach in Toronto, from which, incidentally, was taken a photo of our children in the pos“Love”, and a photo of the beach you can see in the post “Overseas”.

Living in Canada, we of course did not miss Chinatown and the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. Photos and videos from the Aquarium will be posted in a separate post. More photos from Toronto can be seen in the Gallery in album Canada, and for the photos from The Spencer Adventure visit, I invite you already next week 😊.



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