I have decided to write Blog with Coffee to share with you a bit from my life experiences, what happened to me in my life, what surrounds me every day, as well as my insights and thoughts.

I want to treat this blog as “A Moment for Myself” when I can set everything aside, grab a coffee, sit comfortably, and be alone with myself for a while. To summarize everything, reflect, draw conclusions, and see what I have gained and what I have lost and what I have learned thanks to it.

Most of us live at very high speeds with no time to ourselves. The world around us, in a way, forces us to forget about ourselves and our pleasures. To sit down, have a coffee and just relax.

Well, if you looked in here, it might mean you found That Moment. I am very happy and welcome for coffee ☕☕.


Moment for You





Dears, another year behind us and another ahead of us.

I wish you only wonderful moments in life, peace, joy, understanding and a better view of the world, because the way we look at it, the way we see it. Therefore, let us try to see it as best we can, and there is no need to dwell on what we cannot change. Let us always try to make changes from ourselves, and you will already see our lives changing for the better. Let’s enjoy and appreciate the smallest detail in our lives, because despite appearances, that smallest detail, can change our entire lives. Let us not miss the moments that will never come back, let us enjoy every minute of our lives, whatever they may be. Let us remember that a lot is behind us, but even more is ahead of us, and a lot depends on us. The most important thing is not to complain, because anyone can do that. In this new year, let us try to emphasize the nice things and not focus on the less pleasant ones. Let us try not to adore problems, but try to solve them.


Thank you for being here and for wanting to be with me. It is pleasant 🥰. The next year will see a bit of action on the blog, as there has been a lot going on in my life as well. It will be hard to believe, but yes, it’s all really happening. So I hope to spend the next year together as well.

I warmly welcome every new person who has joined and will be joining the ranks of my readers 🤗.



Happy New Year 2022 !!!





Moment for You