I have decided to write Blog with Coffee to share with you a bit from my life experiences, what happened to me in my life, what surrounds me every day, as well as my insights and thoughts.

I want to treat this blog as “A Moment for Myself” when I can set everything aside, grab a coffee, sit comfortably, and be alone for a while. To summarize everything, reflect, draw conclusions, and see what I have gained and what I have lost and what I have learned from it.

Most of us live at very high speeds with no time to ourselves. The world around us, in a way, forces us to forget about ourselves and our pleasures. We even forget, to sit down with a cup of coffee and just relax.

Well, if you looked in here, it might mean you found That Moment. I am very happy and welcome for coffee ☕☕.



Moment for You








Dears, this year has been very difficult and strange for all of us. A lot has also changed in our lives. Something has ended and something has started. At first glance, it would seem to us that this is the worst that could happen to us, but with time it turns out that’s not necessarily true. Thanks to this situation, some of us have made decisions that we would never have made, but were good for us. They opened our eyes as well as a door to the world.

I wish you, my dear friends, not to waste what you have achieved thanks to these decisions and that you may proudly walk forward with your heads held high, being happy, cheerful, open and kind to each other every day, helping each other selflessly, regardless of whether or not you we know it or not. Let us be together, not against each other. 

This year has opened the door to something new and different for me, namely sharing myself. It is thanks to you that I started writing this blog, which gives me a lot of pleasure, and at the same time I learn a lot of thanks to it. Thank you very much for that 😘. For the fact that you were with me all this time, you gave me wings that allowed me to write, and above all, because I have someone to write for. At the beginning I wrote as a diary for my family, especially for children, that when they grow up they will be able to read what “adventures” they had. How much did they have to go through in order to be where they will be and what they will achieve. I did not expect it to be so legible and that you would like it so much. Nice to meet you ☺️. Your comments and messages are the most beautiful reward for me 🏆. Thank you 🥰.
I will try not to let you down next year, and now I wish you a successful New Year’s Eve 🥳. Have fun in such a way that you forget what is bad and remember only what is good. See you in the New hopefully BETTER for All of Us 2021.

I hug you 🤗



Moment for You