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( Part 9 )


Welcome to the world, another member of our family 😍. Our second son. It wasn’t tiny (4250g and 57 cm 😧) and didn’t wait long either. He decided it was time and “Good Morning. Here I am”. Good that, as always, someone was there to stay at home with the kids while we go to the hospital. Our dear aunt Halinka, the second saviour, I mentioned her earlier. What we would have done without them all during those three births, I don’t know. Thank you, Our Dears, from the bottom of our hearts for all your help, in this very stressful time for me 😍😘🥰. No words can express our gratitude 💖.

So there are six of us 😁. I’ll honestly admit that I always said that I would have a boy and two years younger girl so that her older brother could defend her if necessary. And I kind of held on to that for a while, but as you know, a woman is a fickle person, and I couldn’t be the exception 😉. Let me tell you briefly how it was like. When my firstborn went to school, he had a fellow Pole in his class. There were only two of them from Poland in the class. His mom asked me to pick up her son from school and take him home for a few hours until she finished work and come to pick him up. Then one day, when I was coming home from school with kids, I thought it would be nice to have a bunch of them at home. All the more so because we live away from our family, and yet I wish they had at least each other, because you never know how life is going to work out. In addition, I’ve always dreamed of Christmas like in American movies. We are grandparents, our children with their spouses, and their children. Wonderful 😍🎄. When I was a kid, we used to spend Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house with my aunts, uncles, sisters, and brothers. It was great. I started to dream. Dream a good thing, right? Back to my reality, I told my husband about my “thoughts”, I would call it spontaneous thoughts, and what did he say? There was no objection, he didn’t think long, quite the opposite; for me, it was a revelation! So from the two, became three. I didn’t wait long with the fourth either. I thought to myself since I’m already in nappies, maybe, before I get out of it would be good to start the next one 🤭. And because my husband loves me very much, he didn’t say no to me 😜, that’s how I explain it to myself, or maybe there was another reason I am not aware of. And that’s how two kids turned into four. It even crossed my mind that I wish the twins had been there for the last one, but then we’d have to buy a bus, so we could all fit in with our luggage 😂. Who’d have thought that I’d have four kids? Well, I certainly don’t! And probably no one who knows me 🙃.


My two youngest toddlers 😍


Six people, is no longer a holiday. So much work but whatever. When you look at such prodigies, work is no fear anymore 🥰. I’ve always had everything organized up-to-the-minute, I’ve had a quiet life, not like now. I’ll tell you that this saying

“Small kids small problem, big kids big problem”

is I think true. Maybe in my case, I wouldn’t call it a problem, but rather a lot of work. Now that they’re bigger I have more to do with them than when they were little. It’s kind of weird, but that’s the way it is. All the more so because all of them start school at different times and finish at different times, and I am a driver for all. But you get what you asked for, right… 😉.

I take care of the kids and my husband works. After returning from a trip to Poland and the birth of our son, my husband took over as Manager. In October, my husband and I and our youngest son went to Canada for three days. My husband just got a one-year visa, and we needed to activate it at the border just in case we wanted to move there. We’ve been thinking about moving to Canada for a while. It’s basically the same language so it would be easy. We flew, we saw what not what, and we came back. Just a coffee trip ☕😉. We were then welcomed by my friend Rafał and his family with whom I hadn’t seen for 12 years. They showed us Toronto, Niagara Falls and the surrounding area. It was nice, but it was time to get back together because my sister Renia, who stayed with the rest of our children, unfortunately, had limited time. On their return, everyone went back to their duties and life went on.


Niagara Falls

After a year and nine months my husband was again promoted to Outlets Manager, but this time it also involved a big change. Namely, with a move to another country. Who can guess where? 🤔 … To Germany, My Dears. Who was close? Who guessed?

And it started again. I actually like it when something happens, because if I’m surrounded by monotony for too long, I get tired. I’ve already started looking for a house for us. I managed to find a new semi-detached house from a Polish architect who went to Germany with his parents when he was a child and grew up there. At least I could communicate easily because he could speak Polish. My husband went to Germany first in March. He then came back in May for Holy Communion of our eldest son, and next day evening we took a ferry to Germany.



I forgot to mention to you that we sold our irreplaceable VW Polo 🚗 and bought Opel Zafira 🚙 which you already know about but just wanted to be clear. Polo got a little too small for my belly🤰and three kids 😉. And this is the Zafira we went to Poland for the first time.


I even managed to find a picture of our reliable car 😉


We got to Wolfsburg very early. In the beginning, we went to our new friends we met through the Forum Poles in Germany, who were so kind and helped us with a few things. Then we spent two nights staying with another newly-met girl, Ela, who gave us her heart at the time. She gave us a sleepover for such a large family in her house and helped to sort the office stuff out the next two days because we didn’t have our own house yet as it was still not finished. My husband was staying with his boss at the time. That’s nice of him, isn’t it?

After two days, I packed the kids in the car 🚙 and headed for Poland. That’s where I was supposed to spend the rest of my time until school starts in Germany, which was in August. Seven hours away and I should have been there, of course, according to Google Maps. I left at about noon and got there when it was dark. As standard, was not easy, as if it could be otherwise. The “style” had to be preserved, didn’t it? 😉.  After crossing the border 🇩🇪🇵🇱, my fuel control started to light up. The worst part of it was that there was no petrol station on the way. Since I crossed the border and drove onto our beautiful 🛣 A2 highway, there was nothing but a highway of trees on both sides and us in the car. Driving with my heart on my shoulder, after a while I started to ask God to somehow get this car to the petrol station because if I get stuck in the middle of nowhere, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Plus I’m alone with four little kids. I normally envision myself standing in the middle of the forest, powerless and waiting for a miracle. And you know what! A miracle happened 😇. Really!!! On the fumes, I reached the first station that emerged from behind the bushes. You can’t even imagine the weight that has fallen from my heart. About 1,000 tons.

Overjoyed to reach the station, I filled the car up to full capacity . Now, with a light heart, I moved on to Warsaw. At the end of the journey, I lost my orientation a little because I used a different road than before, and I was in a bit of a shock on how it all developed. At the last moment, I managed not to miss the exit. Fortunately, we got there in good shape. It was already dark, but at least at the destination.

This is how we left Ireland after six and a half years, renting our apartment and starting a new chapter in a new country. This time it’s a non-English country 😉.



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