Museum of Wax Figures – Kolobrzeg

( Part 36 a )


Being in Kolobrzeg, we visited the Museum of Wax Figures. I encourage you to visit this museum, because the figures are quite decently made. In my opinion, most of them are even very realistic. Maybe the museum itself is not so huge, but being in Kolobrzeg, it is worth putting it on the list. 



Many people have dreamt of meeting their idol. Now it’s possible in a way 😉. You can meet Vladimir Putin, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Robert Lewandowski and even Marilyn Monroe. You can also take a bike ride with Mr Bean 😉.



For our little ones they have the Smurfs in the Smurf’s Village, Mickey Mouse with friends and other fairy tale characters, and for the slightly older ones Harry Potter 🧹.


I think you will enjoy.


Have a nice visit, and in the meantime I invite you to the Gallery, to the album Poland, to see what you can expect.




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