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New Year, New Opportunities

( Part 35 )


New year, new opportunities


A new year, new opportunities. The beginning of the year started interestingly. During the winter season, three members of our family celebrating birthdays 🥳 and all in less than three weeks. We decided it would be fun to have my husband fly in during this time, especially since his birthday was in the middle. We didn’t think about it for long. He counted how much holiday time he had left, how many extra days off, and it added up to come. We had another surprise for the children. It had been 2.5 months since he flew out, so no one expected him to come again in a while 😀. Joy and disbelief all in one. The kids were so happy to have their dad with them on such an important day as their birthday. Of course, the time flew by, and we had to say goodbye again. We were curious for how long this time. 


This year I was also shocked when one of the Saturday’s after Polish school, my brother took us and his daughter to his friend’s house in Dublin. I found it a little strange when he told us to buy carrots on the way, but OK. The carrots were luckily in the shop, now it was time to find out what for. I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I saw. Opposite his house there was a horse on the pavement. A real, big horse. I understand that some people want to have a pet, but a horse 🐎 in the middle of the city. I couldn’t understand how you can keep a horse in the city and where it is hidden for the night. Because the house is not too big, the garden too, then where, on the street? Don’t think I thought she was keeping him at home, but to be honest, I probably wouldn’t be surprised anymore. Turns out the horse spends the night in some shed in the back garden. Most importantly, the kids had fun as they gave him carrots, stroked him and were very happy.



On the last day of February, winter visited Ireland. Very generous this time. It was snowing all night, and it was really nice in the morning. Of course, because it snowed so much, no one was able to leave the house and all the schools were closed for a few days until everything was cleared 🌨. The kids were so happy. Not only that they didn’t need to go to school, but also such a surprise with snow. Even the dog was happy. 



No need to waste time


Due to the fact that my husband is very ambitious, he stated that he would start looking for a new job elsewhere, because in this one he had already done everything there was to do. Not only for himself, but also for his boss, for whom he waited six months and performed his duties during that time. He therefore concluded that it was time for the next step. First came the job in Qatar. It wasn’t crazy, but since he was already around there, we considered it for a change. The talks went pretty quickly and well. They invited him to a hotel for an interview and to see what it was like and how it looked. He flew. Already on arrival, he got the first signs that it was worth reconsidering. Then there were more and by the end of the day, before the flight itself, everything was clear. On his return, he got a job offer, but he turned it down. He would have been very tired with their approach to duties. You could say that my husband has become a bit spoilt and looks at everything with an eye for luxury in all aspects and unfortunately this hotel lacked that, especially when it came to guest contact, which is the most important in this industry, apparently.

He did not wait too long for his next job. After only two weeks, he was contacted by the Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Puerto Rico. He was offered the job by a friend with whom he had opened The Ritz-Carlton in Vienna. The offer was quite tempting. It was the same position, but in the highest class of luxury and with the prospect of becoming Executive Assistant Manager after a year, as this friend was about to leave. We therefore considered the offer.

Tell me, is it normal to jump from continent to continent every now and then? And in addition with four children, all your belongings and as if that wasn’t enough with a dog of “microscopic” size 😜. It’s not a problem to transport a dog as big as a pony to the other side of the world, is it?

All the talks took place in a few days, everything was agreed except the finances, unfortunately. They were unable to come to an agreement, and we were adamant. It just wasn’t worth it for us to move to the other side of the world to live from day to day. There was a long pause on the matter. We waited to hear if they were able to agree to our terms. 


Preparing to leave


At the same time, I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets, because after 10 years the foil was starting to come off. I chose a paint that my friend Ania brought me from work for 1 euro which was on sale for employees, and I set to work. First I had to take off all the foil from the door, which took me until Easter 🐣 and only then I could start painting. Time flew by quite quickly. The kids had a show at a Polish school, then Easter, and after Easter I started painting. By the end of April, I had the cupboards painted, the handles changed, and they looked like new. It made my home different at once. I regretted not doing it earlier 😉.


Final result 😌




We started June with Kasia’s wedding party, the one of the Labrador. A very intimate wedding, and I was happy that I was able to celebrate their ceremony with them.




At the beginning of the month, we also went on a trip to Howth with Father Jesuit. It was a hike with the entire gang, we even took the dog. We walked around the hills and admired the views.


Mary 😇💙


On the way back, Father wanted to show us the statue of Mary. It was hard to find a free place to park the car, so, as it is a standard in such situations, I turned for help to Mary, to whom, by the way, we had come, saying: “Mary, please find us the best place to park.” After a while, the Jesuit father said he would show us the Jesuit house, which was nearby. We drove up there, and with the permission of the very kind Jesuit father who was in that house, and who hosted our dog who had run out of water, we parked on their property. You could say that Mary found us a parking space, and what a luxurious one 😉. I recommend trying it 😀. In the next part.



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