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( Part 17 )


It was very nice coming home. My friend Agnes made us a surprise and sent her daughter to decorate the entrance of the house for our arrival. It was very pretty, but unfortunately not ours 😆. Poor girl made a mistake and decorated the wrong entrance. I think we’ve been gone too long, and she’s forgotten where we live 😉. 

Once we have managed to bring the house to a state of use, the first thing we did was, of course, a trip to our favourite place, which is Glendalough.



Now that you’ve learned a bit about us, you know we love the mountains. Every free time that we have we try to spend in the bosom of nature if there is only such an opportunity.



In another three weeks, we went on a trip again. This time by the sea, to Bray, where we visited our family. Believe it or not, there is also a mountain with a big cross on the top and of course, we had to climb it 😀. Our children were very fond of walking in the mountains. Even our youngest son, who was less than 3 years old at the time, bravely climbed to the top himself. I am very proud of them all 😌.



Of course, in order not to get out of practice, in May we again went to Glendalough, this time for a super long trip with a slightly heavier route than before. They all bravely made it to the end. Somehow even the night has already begun in the car 😴.



Besides, day after day passed, as it does in Ireland, alternating between clouds and rain. With a bit of luck, even the sun came out for a while. We didn’t even look back when it was the end of the school year. We can even say that especially for this occasion, strangely shaped clouds appeared in the sky. A very strange phenomenon. Have a look yourself.


The strange shape of the clouds in Ireland

Holiday time has come. We just can’t stay still in the same place for too long. We haven’t warmed up the place yet, but already looking to leave out. The very sound of the word “holiday” makes us ready to go. I think that the nomadic lifestyle is in our blood. In fact, I don’t really know who we got that from 🤔, because neither my side nor my husband’s side, nobody roams the world like that. Maybe it’s an acquired trait, hmm.

Without thinking much longer, as it usually happens in our family 😉, we started planning our travel route. Frankly, this is the most exciting and life-enhancing part of the holiday. We love challenges 😁 and as you know, this year was a big one for us, and in addition full of surprises. We had two weeks to organize everything. This holiday was a little different from the last. We decided on camping under a tent, and because we had literally nothing that we needed for such a trip, we had to buy everything. There wasn’t much time, so shopping wasn’t amazing either, but for the first trip, I think it was OK. We figured if the kids liked camping, we’d get better equipment next time. To begin with, we bought a 6-person tent (it even looked decent, although we bought it in Aldi Store from the sale) sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, gas stove + two bottles, camping table, tourist refrigerator, tourist chairs, and other small stuff. A bit of that. And now imagine our car, Opel Zafira, and in it: all of us, bags with clothes plus all these camping essentials listed above. How do you imagine it? 😧 I believe that same as me when I think about it now. At that time we were very happy that we were going “on an adventure”, as our children used to say, and adventures were not spared 😉.

When everything was set to the last button, it was time to leave.



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