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O Canada!

( Part 12 )


After returning to Wolfsburg, my husband went back to work, and we started getting ready to move out. Tickets to Canada were purchased for March 4, 2014, so we could have time to sort out all remaining things. We packed all our stuff, as you can see we didn’t enjoy it for too long, and we arranged transportation to Warsaw. We said goodbye at school to the teachers and the children. Here I have to say that we felt warmth in our hearts ❤️️ when we saw the school staff genuinely farewell our little boy leaving their school and it was so sincere. Regarding farewell in school, I forgot to tell you what a beautiful one we had in Ireland. As you know, we lived on a newly built estate that was just expanding, and so was the school. The principal and teachers knew all the children by first name and I think by last name as well. When our little boy had Holy Communion, the principal spoke to everyone. At one point we hear him saying that he wants to say goodbye to his student, and he named our son and his family, who are moving to Germany, and wish us all the best on our new journey and that they will miss us. I’ll tell you, I got emotional, it was so nice 🥰. Even now, as I write about it, I have a tear in my eye for the memory. Enough of getting emotional. What is gone, a beautiful memory stays. 

We’re in Germany now, so let’s move on. In fact, we’re actually moving out, we haven’t been here for too long 😉. I took the children to Poland in mid-January and I stayed there until departure, and my husband joined us later with our stuff transport. He cleaned up the apartment and still had to work. At the end, he also stayed a bit with our friends from the forum I mentioned earlier. By the end of February, we were all together and getting ready to go. As you can see in the attached photo, our youngest son is fully prepared for a new challenge 😉.


The youngest son

Our luggages 😉

We had to take a big van to go to the airport because it was not only for six people but also six large bags and six carry-on bags. Our Canadian life in twelve bags. We took off in the evening, so we flew all night.


Flight to Canada

It was the longest night we’ve ever had, and that’s because when we got to Toronto, it was only late night. By the time we completed the visa and exit formalities at the airport, it was already very late. Patrycja and Rafał picked us up from the airport. For two cars, of course 😉.



We arrived home around midnight and we were in shock. When we saw the place that was supposed to be our place for the upcoming time, we were speechless 😶. In Canada, houses are built with a so-called residential basement. And that’s where we moved in. 

Back to our reaction. We were speechless because of how Patrycja and Rafał had just prepared our new place for us. Imagine it: two strangers with four tiny children turn up at a house where they are actually other strangers, also six, where they are getting a beautifully furnished basement that looks like an apartment. We got a bunk bed with everything needed for sleeping for the older children with stickers on the wall for each of them by gender. For us a big bed, for the smaller daughter a lovely small bed and for the youngest a beautiful wooden cot. With that a big TV, two sofas, carpet, and even paintings on the walls. A beautiful bathroom with a shower, two large closets, a desk with a computer for our son and most importantly Rafał made for us a mini kitchen, which was not there when we visited them the first time. Plus a table with chairs and even a feeding chair. Not to mention a little fridge, a toaster, a kettle and all that sort of stuff. We didn’t even have to take the baby’s stroller because it was already waiting for us. Really beautiful I must say. It took away our speech, and it was so touching 😍.


Welcome picture  🥰

After such a beautiful welcome, we organized ourselves and went to bed again. As I wrote, the longest night of our lives. We left home around 9:00 pm and after 12 hours we went back to bed again for another eight hours. In total, our night lasted about 20 hours 😉.

The next day we met Patrycja’s mother and the rest of the housemates. The first day was rather peaceful, we unpacked, got acquainted with everyone and everything. Patrycja also made sure we had cereal for the kids and other basic things to start with 😍. Let’s say it. An Angel, not a woman 😇, right. 

The first week was rather organizational. I had to go to school to complete the rest of the paperwork, and my husband had a meeting with someone about a job he couldn’t get from outside of Canada, so he went for an interview right after we arrived. Some stress went away because he got the job. He also applied to the Fairmont Hotel as soon as he arrived, and they also got back to him with a positive response. In general, there are jobs in Canada, but unfortunately, you have to be there and have a visa, otherwise, you have little chance of getting a job from outside. He ultimately chose Fairmont.


As you know, we arrived in Canada in early March. On the one hand, winter, on the other, you can already say that spring is coming. To our eyes, it was like the middle of winter ❄️. The complete opposite of what we left behind in Poland. Everywhere we looked was white. Mountains of snow formed after clearing the streets. The children were on top of the world 😁. They’ve never seen so much snow in their lives. There was no end of joy.


That’s how we started our new life (another one 😉) in Canada.

You can see more photos of winter in Canada in the Gallery, or directly in the album, Winter in Canada.



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