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( Part 18 )


In the morning after breakfast, we packed the car up to the roof, put everything where we could, and before noon we started our journey. We had a two-hour drive to the port of Rosslare, from where we had a ferry to Cherbourg in France. The ferry ride lasted all night. We left at 3:30 pm. and arrived in France at 11:00 am. Fortunately, we had a cabin booked, so we could go to bed like normal people. Of course, the cabin had only four beds, but there were six of us, well, what is that for us. We made it. The older children slept upstairs and my husband and I slept downstairs with the little ones. We survived. Well, they sure did. With me, it was a little worse, because of course the fear of what might happen during sleep and the imminent end of our trip spent my sleep out of sight. After the last shock I had on the ferry, no trip like this will ever be peaceful. Therefore, in advance, I stocked up on Melissa, so that I could at least take a little nap.

In the morning, having discovered that we were still alive 😉, in addition, in one piece and healthy, we got ourselves together to get into the car. One of the happiest moments of this trip for me was when the wheels of the car touched the land 😜.


The Eiffel Tower

Now the direction of Paris. We’re four hours away according to Google Maps. As for us, of course, longer. In the beginning, we stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s as standard. We have already extended our time by another hour 😀. On the way a few more stops and this way we reached the hotel around 6:00pm.

After checking in and getting a bit of a grip, we immediately set off for the city. We wanted to show our kids the Eiffel Tower. We took a walk because we love to walk and explore the area at the same time. It was about an hour’s walk from the hotel to the tower (according to uncle Google, of course 😉), but it took us, as usual, a little longer, and when we got there, was already dusk. We walked down the alleys, ate crêpes for dinner, and managed to see the beautifully illuminated Eiffel Tower. The impression is really breathtaking, and in addition, at that time there was some special lights show or something like that. Fed, tired, we turned our steps towards the hotel. Somehow we got to it faster than we got to the tower, even though we were coming back the same way 😉. Probably, the vision of a clean, large, comfortable bed that was waiting for us in the hotel added us wings 😆.


The Eiffel Tower

The night was way too short for me. I slept so well and comfortably that I didn’t want to end it so quickly 😉. Unfortunately, check-out was until 11:00 am, so we had to get going. Breakfast of course on the way, as we can’t waste any time, the road ahead of us is long, almost 600 km. The plan was to reach the canton of Vaud in Switzerland that day. Our Argentinian friends lived there, whom we met in Ireland and who had moved to Switzerland three years earlier. They were kind enough to offer us a place to stay, and our kids would play together. They were about the same age. Imagine the four of us and the three of them 😉. The last time we saw them before they moved out was Christmas 2010, which we spent together at our house. It’s nice to remember that time. There was a very family atmosphere, even though we have no blood ties. Although in a sense we have something in common because Sylvina has Polish roots 🥰.


Road through Switzerland

We arrived at the place in the evening. Of course, it was not without problems. Driving through Switzerland, we had no cell phone coverage and couldn’t keep up to date with them. Only when we stopped at some places having Wi-Fi we could read the messages and write back to them. And so all the way through Switzerland. The worst part was at the end, when we had to find their house, and it wasn’t easy. It took us half an hour just to find the house. Fortunately, it was successful, and we had a safe and pleasant stay.

In the Gallery, you can see some photos from Paris that we managed to take 😊.



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