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Sitting on the terrace and looking in front of me every day, I see nothing but a wide horizon, on the other hand, I can see things that I don’t see during everyday activities and busy life.

An example from the weekend. 

By informing and inviting my relatives and friends through social media about my newly emerging blog, I started a conversation, via Messenger, with a person very close to my heart. We’ve known each other since elementary school, by the way 😉. It gave me a lot of pleasure when I could write with her because we have not had such a possibility for a long time for various reasons. One of them is the time difference, which unfortunately interferes most in organizing a moment convenient for both sides. That’s why my joy was intertwined with confusion, disbelief, perhaps as a surprise. How is it possible that we’ve succeeded? After exchanging a few sentences, my joy was disturbed with sadness. I learned that my friend and her husband had just lost their jobs. Shock! I have no words. Seriously. Somehow it’s hard for me to imagine what they’re going through now. My friend worked in a travel agency and it was predictable that the chance of losing a job was 50/50 (considering current Covid-19 situation). Unfortunately, in her case, it was the worse half 😟.

So sitting on my terrace, looking at “my very own horizon”, I’m getting that thought.

People are chasing work from morning to evening. Some even lack the time to just sit down, look deep into their horizon and wonder if all this is worth it?

Some complain that they work too much, others don’t work enough or not at all, but all you need is to reverse it by 180° and you can immediately see a different perspective of your problems. Sometimes, when I have a bad day, I get into complaining mode, and believe me, my husband’s work is first on my list (I can’t help it but I will leave it for now, too much to write 😉, maybe another time), it is enough that I make myself coffee, sit on the terrace, look deep into “my horizon” and immediately I’m put upright. I think: 

“Well, what will I complain about. I should be happy that we have a job at this time, if we were to lose it, it would be a tragedy. Not only is it that we are “at the end of the world”, without a livelihood, at home for which rental and bills are to be paid, but we also cannot get out yet, the borders are closed and no flights”. 

Believe me, I immediately change the complaining mode to the thanking mode 😁, and in particular when I add the thought of how, after great hardships, we find ourselves broke in the native country, without a livelihood, without a job and an apartment for such a big family with a pretty large dog. At the same time, I agree internally with a possible situation of this kind already and I think that we should always take the good out of everything. If we lose this job, then something else, maybe better, awaits us or maybe this time, JUST THIS TIME, is the time to rest, to stay with our loved ones. Maybe not us, but they need us the most at this point, and we don’t even know it.

Let’s leave it. It will be as it should be. Let us simply trust that it will be good. Because it will be! 😄



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