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“Postcard life”

I’ve always wondered why people are so jealous, envious, unfriendly, and insincere to each other. Why can’t one wish another well or even better and be happy that he or she is doing well, is successful, is traveling, is happy, or at least is trying to be? But as soon as something like this happens, immediately theories are created that even in some cases turn into conspiracy theories 🧐. Believe me, some people, have a really wild imagination. I don’t know what they’re taking or in what amounts, but I think they’re way above the recommended dose 😜.

For some time, I have been hearing news of such unnecessary jealousy. I don’t know what is the reason and why it came to light now, but now that it has come to light, I thought it would be a good idea to bring it up.



You’re probably wondering what this “postcard life” is all about. I thought it would fit with this entry. By using the term “postcard life”, I mean the ones we see on postcards (now rather virtual ones), posters, and other billboards, as well as on social media when they are in fact, not necessarily what we think.

The theme of “postcard life” revolves around us all the time. A man always dreams of a better life. Better, easier, calmer, full of comfort, and whatever it takes to not worry about anything and live peacefully. Sometimes these dreams can’t be afforded, but seeing the beautiful pictures makes people want to be there, or, because one of their friends was, they want to be there too. And suddenly it turns out that this is a dream vacation. That’s the social media pressure of today, artificially created. Sometimes when you go camping in your own country, it turns out that you can have even better holidays than in the Caribbean, or have a better life at home in your country than, for example, in Dubai. All of it really depends on our approach to that particular issue.

But let us remember that:

“Things are not always as they seem”

and people also think

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”

And that’s the truth, my friends. The truth 🤓.

Most people think that those who have gone abroad have the proverbial “paradise on Earth” and are millionaires while they’re at it. Not at all, my dears.

There’s a story behind every “postcard life” and I guess it’s not a lottery win, but it happens too. Most of these stories are very sad and really none of you would want to experience it, but that’s what nobody thinks when looking at these pictures and giving up on their dreams. Sometimes jealousy prevents us from seeing these things. We can envy others without seeing what we have, and believe me, we have a lot.

Even those who have succeeded and achieved something in their lives have also had to work hard, often renouncing many things. It’s very rare that something falls from the sky for someone without much effort. Unfortunately, there’s a “quid pro quo”.

Looking at those who live abroad, it would seem to us that they have so much fun. But who thought that their lives were paid off with for example being separated from their family, longing for loved ones they can’t see at any time, like some of you. A Christmas that is spent with family around and with the magical Christmas ambiance where others can’t experience it. That’s what they miss, they miss it, and some even feel very lonely.

Not only look at those who have gone abroad but those who live in our countries as well. Each of us has a story.

A common mistake we make is looking at what others have and not appreciating what we have. I often hear: “but you guys have fun, beautiful weather, great views, I’d like to trade with you”. Honestly? You wouldn’t. Believe me. Just because I’m in a place for example with beautiful beaches and turquoise water doesn’t mean it’s a dream place to live and to be jealous of. Why? You will find out more from the following posts.

When it comes to pretty views, the right picture is all it takes, and people seeing it will be breathless although sometimes you really do get nice views. I personally enjoy everything 🥰. Besides, anyone can take a beautiful photo, add a filter and post it on social media, which most of the population can’t live without now unfortunately, that’s not always what it looks like in reality.

Here’s a small example 😉.

Look at these pictures.

Here you can see a palm tree with purple flowers underneath. I guess most people walking by wouldn’t even pay attention to it. The view is not thrilling, to be honest.

Looking at this picture,

you can see a close-up of these flowers in the photo above. Aren’t they beautiful? They’re the same flowers. All you have to do is take a good shot, see the beauty that surrounds us, and immediately the world will appear more beautiful.

The way we see this world, the way this world will repay us.

I once spoke to my best friend Ania and she told me something that I took deep in my heart and I still practice:

“Enjoy and use what you have in the moment, because if you leave, you may not have it a second time”

Since then, I’ve only started to find the good side of the places I’m in, and stopped complaining. Now I try to replace every complaining moment into one of gratitude because we really have something to be thankful for despite all.

Most complain about how hard it is, how little money is made, not enough for anything, etc… but where is life easy? Let me know, I’d love to go 😉. Everyone can only complain. There are plenty of topics to complain about right away, you don’t even have to wonder, but are there topics that we can enjoy just as quickly? Think about it for a second, what’s easier for you? Complain or joy? Try on the day you think is the worst one for you, to find 20 reasons for happiness, that you can be happy about or to be grateful for. Don’t focus on the worse things, especially on a day like this. Don’t feed those bad emotions with complaining; on the contrary, break them with good emotions like gratitude, even through tears, which works, too 🥰.

When I lived in Ireland I complained about the weather, that it was ugly; that it was windy non-stop; that it was raining non-stop; that it was not cold, nor warm; that it was cloudy; that there was no sun. Now, being where I am, I am happy for every drop of rain, I am looking forward to every breeze, I am happy for every cloud that appears in the sky, and even imagine I am happy to wear a long-sleeved shirt or long pants (which has happened maybe twice, but that’s something) 😜.

Let’s not look at what others have and what we lack. Let’s see how much good surrounds us. Let’s be happy and grateful for what we have. And we have a lot. Let’s not envy others, but let’s appreciate the good we have and feel happy. Even if it is for the beautiful weather or that we have somewhere to sleep or we have something to eat.

Let’s learn to appreciate the smallest thing and enjoy every day that we have, and you’ll see how our lives will change.

I wish you all a wonderful time in your life, love 💚.


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