Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

( Part 44a )


Puerto Rico – a small island in the Caribbean Sea that belongs to the United States. The population there, however, speaks Spanish. The people are very friendly and welcoming. You can feel the distance that the inhabitants have from the Americans, but after explaining that we are Poles and not “Gringos”, as they call the Americans, their attitude changes dramatically.



The capital is San Juan. In the Old Town, the restored 400 buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries are stunning in their architecture.

You will see more photos in the Gallery in the Old San Juan Album.

Low country, mostly with cables hanging everywhere. The humidity is very high, and during the holiday season the temperature can even reach 100’F. 



The appearance of the car does not seem to matter, looking at the number of junk cars on the road. But the drivers are very friendly. Seeing us with a child walking along the street, they were stopping with an offer, and at the same time concern, to give us a lift.



The beaches are nice, the water also very clean, without comparison with our Baltic. Our Baltic is more like Shrek’s mud puddle than the sea, such is its ‘clean’ water.

What I liked most was that you could go to an outlet store and buy cool, branded things for pennies.

I would recommend anyone in the vicinity to visit this very interesting country.



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