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( Part 16 )


New year, new opportunities, and once again “beginning” 😉. Due to the fact that we rented our apartment and had to give a 3-month notice, I stayed with children in Poland, and my husband went to Ireland. He stayed with my brother until our apartment was vacated. He found a job in Dublin city centre at the Westbury Hotel as a Banquet, Restaurant, and Room Service Manager. Such a combination of two positions from Canada plus one additional, so what, they give, we take it 🤭. As the saying goes, “who forbids the rich?” 😉.

My husband slowly prepared our apartment for us, and we could join him in March. Anyway, it was a return for us, so we didn’t have much trouble getting all up and running. We managed to enrol our daughter in kindergarten, our son could come back to his previous class, his classmates, and was very kindly accepted. So the stress with children fortunately gone.

Beginnings are always the hardest. For us, it is already a few in a row, but as always difficult. We had to start all over again. Only with the apartment, we had some peace, because it was ours. Well ours, like ours. On a mortgage, true, but we no longer had to worry about whether someone will rent to us or whether we can afford it. It was a very difficult time in the real estate market and not only that the apartments were very expensive but also very hard to find. Of course, not to be so colourful, it was necessary, as usual, to spend a lot of money for the beginning in order to start to function somehow. First on the list was obviously the car. You can’t move with four kids without it. And as it was already six of us, so of course, we had to look for a minibus 😉, because an ordinary car was not coming into play with such a team. Next on the list was furnishing the apartment.


Our first days after returning


When we were moving to Germany, we left the apartment furnished for rent, we took the rest of the furniture with us, and when we were moving out of Canada, we sold almost all the furniture and stayed only with clothes in bags that we took back with us. So we had to buy children’s beds, desks, and other things, so some money as always went away. As I said, beginnings are never easy. We started our next one by paying off the debt. Well, we had to start somewhere.

They say you don’t go into the same river twice. We did. Did we do the right thing? Are the returns good? What do you think? I don’t like going back to the same place when it comes to life. Since the first time I put my feet on the other ground, I think it got into my blood, and now moving for me is like going to the store but with full bags 😆.

It came to the point that after about six months to a year I’m ready for another move. What can I do 🤷‍♀️, this is probably my fate. At the moment, Ireland is the only country we have returned to. Maybe because we had our apartment there, in fact, we spent some years there too. This is our, you might say, “second home”. Sometimes I even catch myself that when I hear, watch or read something about Ireland, it is somehow differently on the heart, than in other countries where we lived. Maybe subconsciously somehow we recognize Ireland as our “second home”. Our three children were born there, all four raised, and our marriage flourished and matured in this country. That was the beginning of our life together as a family in a new country as kind of merged us with Ireland all these years.

How we did it, you will read in the next parts of this story.



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