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This year was full of trips. A month after my return from Poland, my husband flew to Vienna for 5 days. It was a time when we were learning German, and we decided that it would be good if he flew to my dear sister 😘 in Vienna and polished his speech a little. My brother-in-law couldn’t speak Polish, so they had to communicate in German. In May, our older daughter had holy communion, which was attended by quite a large family from Poland. We barely managed to accommodate everyone, but that’s nothing compared to the joy in the eyes of the children who enjoyed this visit. It just so happened that communion was on Saturday and my brother’s daughter’s christening on Sunday. It was a party weekend 😉. After the weekend, part of the family left, and the other part went on to conquer Dublin.

Warsaw Mermaid

Another month passed, and it was my turn. Again I flew to Poland for 3 days. I didn’t have polish to polish, because I used it quite well 😉. I took care of my language every day because I can not imagine that my children do not speak polish, especially since my English leaves much to be desired. Looking at our life, it is also not known when we can find ourselves in Poland permanently and then they would have a very big problem without knowledge of polish. I always tell them that there are never too many languages and you never know when and what they will need in life. In fact, we left Poland to make it easier for our children to start their lives. Then let them use it while they can 😉. Returning to my trip, it was short but very fruitful. Unfortunately, each of these trips was connected with some things to deal with, but for me, it was also a moment of relaxation, without crying, screaming, and duties. I could go to bed when I wanted to and get up when I wanted to without the kids waking me up at night. Nothing, but so much.

Tayto Park

We don’t know when, but it’s the end of the school year. Children in mid-June already have a slack in school, only fun and meetings with friends and colleagues. Holidays in Ireland begin for children earlier. That’s good for them 😉. The first month we spent in Ireland, enjoying the local attractions, and my brother also took us to Tayto Park. It’s an amusement park named after chips, which are very popular in Ireland. Something like ours lays. The kids were super excited. Tired after a day of playing, they took a nap on the way home.

Tayto Park

It’s been a month of vacation. The prospect of another in Ireland, began to make us sleep 😉, so as it is with us, the standard had to come up with something. And that we can not sit too long in one place and in our case, spending them in Ireland was not an option, so we decided to take a trip through Europe, as recently. And what, who forbids the rich, but not 😉 . It does not matter that on credit, it is important to go somewhere and get away from everyday life. We’ll worry about repayment when we get back. Who would bother with such things on vacation 😉. We planned and planned until our heads were spinning. Or maybe so, or maybe so, or maybe something else. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we need to plan the holiday in such a way that we can, at least for a week, leave the children to the grandmothers and spend some time together resting from them. Whatever it was, we lived far away and we did not have the opportunity to drop the children to their grandmothers and jump out on the reset away from the children, who were either loved or given to the bone. Believe me 24h / 7days a week for 365 days a year with children without a moment’s respite, you can get tired, even with the most beloved under the sun 😓. So we called my parents ‘ husband to see if they would stay with the kids so we could spend time together. They said there was no problem and we could buy a ferry ticket. That’s what we did. After determining the route, we bought tickets, booked accommodation and we only had to wait for the departure date. As you know, nothing can go according to plan with us. Besides, it would disturb this strange “order” in our lives 😉. Are you curious about what this time? We called the husband of the parents 3 days before the trip and what happened. ANO the fact that the children will not be able to stay with them, because the renovation of the apartment, which they did, is extended to them and at that moment they have a construction site in the apartment. Breakdown 😩. Tickets bought, hotels booked, and no one to leave the kids with. Now what? Nothing just sit and cry 😭. Once we had cooled off,  we decided that we had no choice but to spend the entire holidays together and that we were going anyway, and what will happen, will happen. God Willing. And that’s what we did. We had to modify our plan a little and miraculously, we managed to book an apartment in Karpacz the day before our departure. I’ll tell you in confidence that what happened will matter later.

You can see more photos from the visit to Tayto Park in the Gallery in the album Ireland / Tayto Park.



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