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Swiss adventures

( Part 19 )


We spent the evening mostly on getting kids to sleep. We talked for a while, and then we went to bed. The whole day in the car was pretty tiring, especially in this weather. But the night was amazing. Everyone got a good night’s sleep and had a lot of energy in the morning. We ate breakfast, the children went to play, and we could talk in peace.

Fun in the garden
A trip to the forest

After lunch, we all went together to explore the neighbourhood and the nearby forest 🌲🌲. The day was very relaxing. In the evening we went to bed earlier, because the next day after breakfast we had to leave to continue our tour 🗺.



This time we had a company. Our friends offered to join us and at the same time to show us some attractions along the way. We drove two cars. They were leading in front. The first tour took us about an hour, but we did not even feel it. Surrounding views 🏞 were taking our breaths away, and time passed unnoticed.


Cailler chocolate factory


The first attraction was the famous Chocolate Factory 🍫 Cailler in Broc. We had a tour of the factory, and the children had the opportunity to see how chocolate is made from the beginning to the end. In the end, we end up in a store full of Cailler products.


Shop at the Cailler Chocolate Factory

As expected, we could not resist the shopping. We ate something, bought some chocolates for the road, of course, in special bags to avoid melting, and moved on. Children delighted with such an attraction could not wait for the next one. Good that the distance between one and the other lasted less than 10 minutes.


Chocolate Factory Train

La Maison du Gruyère

This time it was the cheese factory 🧀 La Maison du Gruyère in Pringy. Unfortunately, children did not really like this surprise, and it was because of the smell that prevailed in the factory. Well, not everything smells and tastes like chocolate, does it 🤭?


Information on the maturation of cheeses

The children very quickly left the site with their noses covered and decided that this time they rather wait in the fresh air. This attraction was used by parents this time who did not mind the smell and also would be a pity to miss such an opportunity being on-site already. After a fun start to the day, it’s time to move on 🛣.


Manor Farm Interlaken

Our destination was a campsite 🏕 Manor Farm in Interlaken, where we stayed for a week in such a wonderful surrounding. And then it started. As usual, you’ve probably gotten used to it by now, that it can’t be too beautiful. Oh, I’m sorry! It was beautiful this time, I can’t say that wasn’t. Maybe this time I’ll put it in the words, “it can’t be too boring”. I think that this part of the story will be more suitable 😉.

From the cheese factory in Pringy to the camping in Interlaken, the route was supposed to take us, according to Google Maps, an hour and a half. Of course, it took us a little longer, because how could it be otherwise. It’s us 😉. As we drove, we enjoyed the views, as well as the roads we passed. Due to the fact that it was a mountainous area, sometimes we were going uphill, and then down, not to mention the turns that stretched out like a serpentine. It was those great turns that left us great memories.


Curves in the Swiss mountains

I, as an inexperienced driver in driving on mountainous terrain, especially such mountainous⛰, and on top of it in our wonderful Zafira, stuffed under the very ceiling that you could barely catch the air, I had to brake every now and then.


Swiss mountains

It was not a simple matter I confess honestly, because the car was not equipped with four-wheel drive, as our friend’s car, and uphill it barely drove with such luggage, and yet I helped to almost finish off the poor thing 🚙. Instead of braking with the gears, I was braking with the standard foot brake, in addition, stressed whether this poor car can cope with such a route. In a minute we smelled smoke or something like that. We stopped to see what was going on. It turned out that we “boiled” the brakes. We let our friends know and pulled over on the nearest side of the road and waited for the brakes to cool off, so we could drive on. It was not in our favour, time was running out, and we still had to set up a tent. But a must is a must. When it had cooled down, we moved on. The rest of the way I tried to brake with the gears, not to stand in the middle of the road with a rattling car again.

Still admiring the views, we reached our destination in one piece. By the time we got there, it was pretty late. Thanks to the help of our friends who accompanied us, we quickly set up a tent.


Unfolding the tent
First night in a camping tent

We said goodbye, and they drove back home. Tired but also excited about our new adventure, we went to bed, looking forward to the next day 😊.

More photos can be found in the Gallery, in the album Switzerland.



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