• Canada

    The Spencer Adventure

    The Spencer Adventure is a Nature Reserve in Ontario, Canada, contains two beautiful waterfalls (...) but for me, the most breathtaking was this view.

  • Ireland

    The Irish National Heritage Park

    (  Part 6 a )     The Irish National Heritage Park is an open-air museum near Wexford which tells the story of human settlement in Ireland. It covers over 40 acres of natural woodland, 16 reconstructions of houses from…

  • My Story

    “The Four of Us”

    ( Part 6 )   My husband was developing his professional career at a fast pace, and I was growing our family. Maybe not at such a fast, but I didn’t fall behind 😉. In the meantime, we managed to…

  • Saint Kevin's Church, Glendalough


    ( Part 5 a ) Glendalough – a valley located in County Wicklow, Ireland. Renowned for an Early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St Kevin. There are also: the Round Tower, St Kevin’s Church, St Kevin’s…

  • My Story

    Our new home

    ( Part 4 )        The long waiting for a response from the bank was made pleasant by the news that my husband’s extended family also lived in Ireland. It turned out that it was quite close to us,…