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Temporary Insanity

( Part 37 )


It was nearing the end of the fourth month since my husband had his last call from Puerto Rico. Well, that’s how they work there.


While waiting for a response, husband also had another call. This time we made it. The hotel was in Switzerland, and it was still where, in St. Moritz, in the mountains. Where we had always wanted to go. Isn’t it beautiful that after such a long wait we finally got this chance to move on land and yet in such beautiful surroundings? Finally, we will be able to move normally, without the stress of flying in planes or taking a ferry. We’ll just get in the car and move on 😁.


Everything happened so fast that in a few days all the interviews took place and a verbal offer was made. During this time Hector, a former employee of the husband’s from Bahrain who had moved to Puerto Rico a few months earlier, threw in his few pennies which apparently helped them make their decision. The next day, the husband got an email with a job offer from Puerto Rico.



Here we go again. It’s always the case that either there is nothing or there is a choice. It was the same with Canada. Canada or maybe London after all? You remember what we chose. Obviously, the one that was more difficult for us. So why should it be any different now? We always have to make things harder for ourselves, because why not 😉. You’ve probably already guessed what happened. Of course, we chose Puerto Rico, after all it’s closer to home, you can go everywhere by car, no need to fly by plane or take a ferry. Just everything within easy reach 😉. Well, we really have been thrown something on the head. Some sort of temporary insanity has taken hold of us. Who in their right mind, wanting to be closer to their country, turns their back and walks in the other direction, well who? Well, us! And who else. Why take a dream handed to you on a platter and enjoy its fulfilment when you can still roam the world. After all, it’s just six bags, six carry-on bags, a big dog with a huge cage, the biggest one there is for dogs, and all your belongings packed into a container. Simple, right? We seem to be addicted to wandering around the world. When we have been in a new place for six months, I must admit that I am ready to move again. My husband isn’t particularly different from me, either, as he’s already ready for another year of living here. It’s only for professional reasons that we’re staying longer, but we’re already starting to get tired. This probably seems strange to you, but unfortunately it is so.



My husband supposed to start in September, which means he had very little time left for anything. Due to the fact that he was moving within the same company, he had one month’s notice with the prior approval of his boss. Otherwise, he would have had to have three months, as this is the case in the Middle East and unfortunately in the Caribbean too. It was also standard that once we had decided on any of the offers, after signing the contract, another one came up. This time to Egypt. It was not a loss, because we would not go there anyway.


After my husband returned from his holiday to Bahrain, it was time to sort out all travel arrangements. The most important was Visa to the United States. Fortunately, there was no problem getting it. On 10th September, he already had an appointment to collect his visa. After that, everything went very quickly. We had to take care of the whole move from Ireland to Puerto Rico. In fact, we had to take all of our belongings with us because we weren’t planning on going back.



The ticket to Puerto Rico was split into two parts. The first was for 15th September to Dublin, so we could spend a few more days together. The second was on 19th September, and that was the day my husband started his new adventure on the opposite side of the globe.



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