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“The Four of Us”

( Part 6 )


My husband was developing his professional career at a fast pace, and I was growing our family. Maybe not at such a fast, but I didn’t fall behind 😉.

In the meantime, we managed to go on a second longer trip, which unexpectedly ended with sightseeing. Originally we were going to see a beautiful beach with supposedly white sand, which all Irish people admired, but in fact, it was nothing special; in Poland, there are mostly such beaches 😁; we ended in the south of Ireland, in The Irish National Heritage Park near Wexford. You can read a bit about it in Travel and see some photos I was able to find from this trip. In the Gallery, you will also find other photos that have already appeared and those that will appear in the posts, as well as those spontaneous, not necessarily related to anything 😁. 

By then, we had already replaced our first car with a newer one. Loan, of course, how otherwise. Loan whatever it calls is probably our second self. If you look more deeply, you might think that we are actually living in a “threesome”. Me, my husband, and the loan 🤪. Seriously though, I have to tell you, as usual, we haven’t enjoyed it for too long. Ah!!! I’m sorry, that would have been a lie … not in a “threesome”, but rather in a “foursome”. Even better, right 😆. I forgot about our most loyal partner since the beginning of our marriage, which is “bad luck”. My friends! I present to you my “life partners”: husband, bad luck, and the loan 😉.

Back to our new car. It was great. Drove quietly, fast, had a lot of accessories, full-on 😉. One late evening, while my husband was on his way home from work, and I’ll add that he wasn’t driving slowly 😉, a fox ran into him on the highway. Bad luck wanted it to go straight under the car. You could hear something under the wheels and after the fox 🦊😥. The next day, when we approached the car, we were shocked. The whole radiator was smashed and still the remnants of fox fur remained 😳. It’s good that at least he managed to get with that broken radiator under the house and not get stuck in the middle of the highway in the middle of the night with a fox under the wheels. Tell me. Isn’t that bad luck?! A new car and already broken. Just sit down and cry. Okay. Let’s move on. The car has been repaired, I’ll add, by Irish professionals, just in case 😉. We drove it for literally a few days, and it started to break down. The car began to “choke”. We pulled up to the service. It turned out that the experts had repaired our car in such a way that the water was getting into the engine. They fixed it, of course. Experienced with their expertise, we decided that we would sell it before something started to go bad again and buy another one. And so we did. We bought a regular, much older, small car so that three baby seats can fit in the back. Guess what that was? You’re not gonna believe this! Polo. Just a little Polo. The baby seats were super squeezed. It’s important that the door closes 😜. And you know what? The best car we’ve had so far in Ireland. We drove for about two and a half hours one way to pick it up, but it was worth it. It drove like being taken off the production line 😉. No doubts. And the last one? Only one-year-old, new, awesome, and unlucky. As you can see, not all gold that glows 😁. We thought if we bought a new car, under warranty, it wouldn’t break. And here’s what a surprise. It’s not that good. It would be too boring in our lives if things didn’t go wrong as usual. Attractions at every turn 😁.

We went on holiday this year, too..? Who can guess? Poland!!! It was hard to guess right 😉. Standard, of course. The children were with their grandparents, and we with the little baby were running around Warsaw, doing as usual things that needed to be done. Holiday – the dream! Like every year. But there’s nothing to complain about. It’s better than sitting in Ireland and looking out the window, whether the wind will be cutting head today or whether it will or not rain 😉.

From September, school again. The routine is back. I’ll admit honestly that I liked having that routine, because at least somehow the day was passing, and with one child I had more time to do whatever was necessary to be done. Then dinner, homework, walk, and already getting ready for bed. And so it passed day by day until the impending birth of our second daughter. A week before, a close-to-my-heart Agnes arrived with her daughter Olive. We showed them some surroundings and spent some time together, which really helped improve my mood, especially before the delivery. The arrival was linked to the possibility of staying at home with the children in case I was in the hospital. Just like the previous one, where my aunt and my cousin Karola came to visit me for two weeks. My dear girls 😍. How much nerve they saved me at that time, I’m the only one who knows. We had enough of them anyway and an extra one, and especially this one, was what I did not need. Back to Agnes. Unfortunately, the little girl decided she would wait and will not see her aunt yet 😉. Agnes switched with my mum and for the next two weeks, I didn’t have the stress of who was going to stay with our kids when it came time to give birth. The only stress was whether my husband would be able to come home from work to go with me, because not only was he working 50 km from home, but we had to drive another 15km to the hospital. Luckily he was home that day. Whew!!! I am very grateful to everyone 🧡.

We soon had a second baby girl. A little ball with black hair. From the first days of her birth, she loved to lie on her tummy with her legs curled up; she looked like a “tiny frog”. This particular “tiny frog” “saved” my life 😍. You can read about it in the next post.



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