The Spencer Adventure

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Let me invite you for a short trip to

The Spencer Adventure is a Nature Reserve in Ontario, Canada, contains two beautiful waterfalls which you can read about below.

While walking along the paths and communing with nature, you can experience wonderful views. For such a beautiful view of the gorge and great views of Dundas and Hamilton, you need to follow the trail from Tew Falls to Dundas Peak, which is at the mouth of the Spencer Gorge.


The gorge at Tew Falls is 41 meters (134.5 feet) high and is just a few meters smaller than Niagara Falls. (Horseshoe Falls are 52 meters (170 feet) high.)
The height of the waterfall makes it a stunning place.
The waterfall was named after Johnson Tew who owned the property and the waterfall from 1874 to 1947.


One of the most stunning and easily accessible waterfalls in the Hamilton area. Webster Falls is formed by the main branch of Spencer Creek as it flows into the gorge. Classed as a classical waterfall, the crest is 30 meters and is the largest in the region. The main waterfall has two overhanging drops with a short break between them. The second, smaller 9-meter long ribbon waterfall, known as Baby Webster Falls, is located west of the main waterfall.
The area is named after the Webster family who purchased the waterfalls and the surrounding land in 1819. Their manor still stands on Webster’s Falls Road, which is only accessible on foot.

While walking and enjoying the beautiful wonders of nature, we were also able to give a little respite for children to run and enjoy nature in Greensville Community Optimists Park. This park adjoins Spencer Gorge and Webster Falls Conservation Area and was established by the Greensville Optimist Club in 2003. It is a beautiful spot that offers nature trails, a historical stone dam, and picnic areas.

The cobblestone bridge crossing the Spencer Creek, located in the Spencer Gorge / Webster Falls Conservation Area, was built in 1936. Over time, the bridge fell into disrepair and was slated for demolition. The Greensville Optimists raised the necessary funds to repair and restore the bridge.


The whole trip made an amazing impression on us, but for me, the most breathtaking was this view:



I’ll tell you more, we even had the opportunity to admire the views from such a place. I recommend it to everyone. Amazing experience.

You can see some additional photos in the Gallery, as well as all the others that were previously shown in the posts.

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