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“The Tiny Frog”

( Part 6 b )


The “Tiny Frog” is what I call my baby girl. From the first days of her life, as soon as her tummy came into contact with anything, she would tuck her legs and then looked like a “tiny frog” 🐸 😍. It was a very sweet sight. Since she was born, this little creature has changed my life. More specifically, she brought me back to life. 

Throughout this long stay, and in a sense; for some time now for me; vegetate in Ireland, I became depressed, which I wrote about in an earlier post. Week by week, my well-being was getting worse and worse. I started having difficulty making decisions where I never had a problem with it. I didn’t want to do anything. Everything was very difficult for me. From a cheerful, sociable, and cheerful girl, I became a dissatisfied, depressed, and isolated person.

And then “She” came along. My crumble. That loving look that came out of her big black eyes was the best cure for my depression. A few days after she was born, I went for a medication consultation. I was breastfeeding 🤱 and didn’t imagine taking any medication, I refused. I had another appointment three months later. The doctor said from what he sees, I don’t need the medication anymore. That there has been an incredible improvement in such a short time. With a smile on my face, I answered:

“Yes, doctor. My little girl gave me the strength to live.”

Maybe it was because I had a hard time getting pregnant with her, and when I finally did, and she was born, I was very grateful to God for that gift 🤰😇.

Since then, my life has been enriched by another loving smile (or even 3 😍). Another beautiful and unique moment that I could see and appreciate with my wonderful children. And also the fact that I was able to give all of myself to my children and at the same time enjoy their joy by learning it all over again.

So far she is polite, calm, and cuddly ❤️. And when she hugs, it’s like a silk shawl covering you. She is so delicate 😍. You know, sometimes she’ll get angry and show her claws, but for the most part, I can’t complain 😄. She’s a very good student, we don’t have any problems with her. Baby Treasure.



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