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Towards the Mountains

( Part 27 )


Direction Karpacz. Fortunately, the road that day was only 5 and a half hours spent in the car. After 3:00p.m. we were already on site. We managed to get the keys just before the office closed. Barely, but we made it. It’s scary to think what it would be like if we didn’t make it. We got the keys and the address, and we moved forward to find our place for the next 5 nights. Karpacz is not that big, but there are a lot of streets where you can get lost the first time. The road to our apartment led up a winding road. We’ve reached a gated community of houses. Once we had found our shelter for the next few days and moved in with our bags, the children immediately run to choose their beds. It was located on the first floor. Very spacious and on two-levels. Downstairs there was a hall, living room with kitchenette, balcony, fireplace, bedroom, large bathroom with a bathtub and a separate toilet. In the attic there was an open space with beds and a sofa bed. The only thing missing was the washing machine, but we managed somehow 😉. Luckily, it was only 5 nights. After getting acquainted with the new place, we went out to the city to eat something. In the evening, tired after a whole day, we had no problem falling asleep 😴.

The next day, after breakfast, rested and full of energy, we set out to conquer the mountain trails. After leaving the settlement, we turned right and went ahead. With no specific purpose, we gave ourselves up to chance. On the way to the unknown, children spotted a Waffle House, and it was not possible to pass by it indifferently 😉. A moment later, the first stop appeared before our eyes.

It was a wooden Wang Church and the monument “The Resurrection of Lazarus”. After the tour, we went towards the entrance to the Giant Mountains National Park. We were led by two trails: blue and yellow. We reached the glade, where we took a moment’s rest and had some food.

Next attraction was the Goat Bridge, and then the Shelter PTTK ‘Lonesome’ at a Small Pond. At the shelter, we stayed longer and had lunch. There were a lot of people and nowhere to sit. Some went outside and sat there as much as they could, eating their meals. Fortunately, we managed to find an empty table, real luck. We were standing in a long queue to order something, and the table right next to us become free 😄. How about that, folks? We had a table, ate delicious food and went on our way.

Samotnia PTTK Shelter

In just 15 minutes we reached another Shelter PTTK, ‘Strzecha Akademicka’ but this time we just had a peek inside and went further down the yellow trail. Filled with mountain air, we reached home, ate dinner and immediately lay down happy and contented to sleep 😴.

It’s August 17th, another beautiful day.

That day we decided to rest our legs and went on a trip on the flat terrain. Walking along the streets, not knowing what we were going for and where, exploring the area, we came across the town of Western City. First impression great, children delighted, lots of attractions, and even caught on to the show typically from western films. After the show, we spent most of the day on the attractions that Western City offered to tourists. Horse riding, archery, bull riding, gold prospecting and many more. The party was very successful. We spent the rest of the day exploring the city.

Another day and another adventure.

Cottage on the Head
Cottage on the Head

This time we started the day with a trip to Miłków to see the “Cottage on the Head”. Attraction very close to our place of stay, only 7 minutes away and less than 5 km. Very cool experience, I recommend you to visit.

Then we drove, as last time, forward, where our eyes will carry us, and we found the “Crow Rocks”. On the way we were greeted by a hut in the forest with written inscription “3 x MOUNTAIN SPIRIT WE CALL YOU”. A little strange, but what who likes, let him be 😉. We climbed the rocks, of course, as far as we could and went back to wander around the local restaurants. Fed, satisfied and excited for the next day, we went to bed.

More photos can be found in the Gallery in the album “Poland”.



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