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Tropical Islands

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If you’re ever in or passing through Germany 🇩🇪 and more specifically around Berlin, I recommend a stop at Tropical Islands 🏝. It’s a water themed park where you can swim and slide among tropical plants, as well as relax and unwind.


It is supposedly the largest roofed rainforest in the world, with Germany’s highest water slide. Visually, it looks very nice and inviting. It makes an impression. Unfortunately, the lack of English spoken by the staff working there, as well as our lack of knowledge of German, made communication difficult.



“Tropical Islands” is divided into two zones. A general and a quiet zone.


The Quiet Zone consist of Spa & Sauna area, where you can enjoy a relaxing massage and unwind in one of the seven saunas and steam rooms. There is an extra charge for this zone.


In the General Zone you’ll find swimming pools, slides, a paddling pool for the little ones, a jacuzzi, a tropical jungle where you can stroll through the alleys and feel like you’re in the tropics, and a children’s playground. Generally everything, including shops, tents, and cabins where you can spend the night. Personally, I haven’t spent the night in a tent inside the park, but it seems to me that during the day the temperature inside tends to be quite high. You could say, like in the Sauna Zone 😉.



There is also an outdoor area, with pools and the Whitewater River, which is open all year round.


There are also restaurants and bars in the pool area where you can grab a bite to eat.


If you would like to stay overnight, you have several options to choose from. The already mentioned tipi huts and tents in the pool area, or to rent a cabin or a tipi tent outside. If you want to pitch your own tent or park your camper-van, that’s no problem either, because you can rent just the space for yourself.



When you enter the swimming pool area, you receive a bracelet that is used to pay for all the additional attractions, food, and drinks which can be settled on your departure. There is also a shops’ area where you can buy a souvenir from your trip or any accessories needed during your stay.



In case anyone is wondering, there is plenty to do. The children have a lot of fun, and it’s hard to get them out of there. Good that they have an opening and closing hours, otherwise they would stay there 24/7 😉.


In the Gallery in the album Germany you can see photos from our trip to Tropical Islands.



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