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Welcome Puerto Rico!

( Part 40 )



We had a connecting flight to Puerto Rico from New York. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to see anything, but what goes around comes, as they say. We had a good trip. We arrived without any major problems. The American guards were pretty nice too 😉.



We landed at 8:26 p.m. We were picked up from the airport by a chauffeur from the Ritz-Carlton Dorado, a beautiful big black Lincoln Escalade. A huge car, but as it turned out still too small for our family 😉. It was hard to stuff all the bags into the car. Unfortunately, some of us had to put suitcases under the feet, so we could fit in. Good that our dog with his kennel wasn’t flying with us, because there wouldn’t be any chances to fit anymore.


That’s just part of it 😉


The journey was long, and I’m glad that my husband managed to unfold the beds. I must admit that if we had to screw them together to sleep after such a journey, it wouldn’t be very nice. Just the sight of all those unpacked boxes waiting for me was terrifying, and I didn’t even want to think about screwing the furniture together. The first thing to do was of course shopping for the house, so we could start functioning somehow.

After two days, the dog arrived. I must tell you that our Kodi took offence at us. For the entire 3 days he was lying on his bed and was only up when he needed to go out for the toilet. He didn’t even want to play. Luckily, it lasted only 3 days, because it was so strange “without” him.



The first days of course had to be honoured with walks to the beach next to our house, which we could see from the windows. 

You could say that it was almost our private beach, because you could very rarely see someone there. It was not a huge beach, but near the house and almost exclusive.  


Our almost private beach 😉


View from the terrace 


Great that we had already bought a car, and had  one less problem to deal with. Unpacking took me a while, because in the meantime I had to drive my children to school, my husband to work, pick everyone up at different times, do the shopping, cook dinner, walk the dog, and all the boxes were looking at me with pleading eyes to finally unpack them.


As a standard with every move, I always clean the flat in my own way. Such is my “hobby”. I can’t imagine going in, unpacking and living. For me, everything has to be cleaned by me, because only then I know that everything is clean, and I can function normally. Such a handicap 😉. And since we move quite often, I get some of that thorough cleaning done. Not to mention that when we move out, we also clean the same way. Oh well, such a flaw 😉.


Our beach 🥰


We immediately met our closest neighbours. Giselle, the girl who worked with my husband at the hotel, and Michael, the neighbour across the street. Giselle has three daughters with whom our children played. Great that they all speak good English, so it was easier for them to communicate, too. At least they weren’t bored, and at the same time they continued to learn English. Admittedly, Spanish, which is the official language in Puerto Rico, was more important at that time.


And so the first month passed with us getting to know each other and discovering our surroundings.



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