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With the New Year

My Dears,

We said goodbye to an old, difficult, and at the same time a different year for all of us and welcomed a new, hopefully, better and easier one. As it usually happens, most of us make some new year’s resolutions, because it is of course the most convenient time for us to change something with the new year 😉. If you failed from Mondays, then you can always start with the new year. The most important is to desire, and this is already half of the success. As probably most of you do, I want to make some changes in my life too. The first and most important change for me is to have more time for myself. I noticed that I’m so busy, that I don’t have that time at all. The only such moment I have is when I am writing a blog. But I want to have more time, more often and much longer than now. That’s why I decided, as per New Year tradition, to change a bit my lifestyle 😉.


  • sleep at least 7 hours
  • eat healthier (including my whole family, let them be healthier 🥗 and therefore some new recipes will come to our house 😋 )
  • start working out, running, going to the gym, or whatever. Just to stir a little my old bones, so that they do not fall apart in a moment 😉
  • put effort to learn English 😬 (I should already know it perfectly and unfortunately, it is still a long way)
  • try to do all of this while children are at school, and devote the rest of the time only to them (let them also know that they have a mother, and not just a washing machine, a cleaner, a cook, a dishwasher, a lady from shopping, from going out with a dog, doing all the other things, a taxi driver and all of this in one)
  • I plan to be happy, smile, enjoy every given day to me and appreciate it, noticing not only small things, but also those that are “not visible”, and which are very important in our lives.


As you can see there is a bit of it. I need to add that our children go to school at different times and finish at different times, so I really do not have much time. Unfortunately, this is connected with the fact that posts will no longer appear every Saturday but only when they are actually written. Every time I’ll let you know on Facebook and Instagram about the next post.

I hope you’ll still stay with me and we’ll still have coffee together ☕ 😊

On the home page under the post “Welcome” you will find thanks and New Year wishes from me. I cordially invite you to read.

And you, do you have any New Year’s, “Every Monday” resolutions 😉? If you feel like it, share it in the comments. Perhaps you will inspire someone to change 😄. Remember, every change, even the smallest, can bring incredible joy and satisfaction. Just give it a try. Fingers crossed for you 🤞.

I greet you warmly with the New Year



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